a sex position where the women sucks on the mans cock whiles he sucks on her vagina
i don't know any sentence for the 69
by elord1243 March 26, 2021
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Similar to the runaround between two people. Also used when forced to make a decision that has no good outcome. Either way you're fucked.
Paul: Sharon said you have my keys.
James: I don't have your keys. Sharon has them.
Paul: Quit giving me the 69!

I work all weekend to finish the project or we lose the client. That's the 69.
by Mr. Wonderful January 12, 2006
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"Hey how much money do you have?"
"69 cents."
"Heh. You know what that means..."
*In tears* "I don't have enough money for chicken nuggets."
by SethTheMage February 11, 2019
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the fucking number that comes before 70
by jplar February 14, 2017
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(6 x 9)+(6+9)=69
Why I love being a math nerd, because NICE
by Y'all are Stupid October 22, 2019
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A number you dirty minded price of shit
69% of people find something dirty in every sentence.
by FuckBoiiMcGee March 11, 2016
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A number which had sadly been tainted by perverts and internet hermits as a sexual innuendo.
Guy 1: "Hey what's 35 + 34?"
Guy 2: *sigh* "69..."
Guy 1: "Nice."
by Gamsung Salaxy October 22, 2019
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