Used by fully sick bros instead of "cool". By the end of 2002 it was more commonly used than "fully sick" or "who let the dogs out"
1. Oof bro thats fully hectic shit
2. "Oof bro did u say ahmed's rat's tail it look hectic" "Yeah bro I like how he dyed it blonde its hectic"
by Beef_cheeks January 9, 2006
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word originally used as substitute for "heavy", now used in the Home Counties (UK).
Something "serious" ie very good
Dat tune was proper hectic
Yeah, you nah wo' I mean, Trace'?
by real-i-o August 9, 2003
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Holy shit did you see that shoot-out?
Yeah man, that was hectic!
by Matt C August 30, 2003
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every word replaced with the word "hectic"
yo bredjin these kids r so hectic.

wow that was so hectic.

whats hectic mean? you can't know what hectic means kuz ur not hectic enough.

wow bredj check out my new hecitc pants. isn't it so hectic?; no its so not hectic enough for me, hop off my level or ill tump u on da eye.

if someone said something that cheeses u or is very hectic. you say get ur hecitc shit on the dancefloor, or off the dancefloor.
by hectic kid from the north April 15, 2010
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cool, great, an expression of being a 'badman'
"dat man thinks hes hectic"
by Lethal Splinta July 27, 2003
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meaning, crazy or out of this world in the surfing comunity. comonly used to describe a wave or wipeout.
that barrel was totally hectic!!!
by edos June 2, 2005
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