Acronym for Party Unity My Ass.Disenfrachised Hillary Clinton supporters not willing to support Obama, or the Democratic Party for nominating him.They feel he is unelectable and powerless to elicit the change he promises.They advocate voting for McCain/Palin,or not voting at all as a protest.
The PUMAs feel dissed by the Dems and Obama, advocate voting for McCain,sounds Rovian to me.
by bumperman August 30, 2008
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a women in thier 30's picking up high school to college guys. Your a puma before you become a couger.
look at that puma waliking her dog.
by legendless November 06, 2009
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Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural pumas also puma
Etymology: Spanish, from Quechua
Date: 1777
Date of urban adoption: circa mid-1990s
: a woman, typically in her 40s, who intentionally preys on younger men, who are typically in their early 20s. When pumas are attractive and well-maintained, they are typically coveted by younger males.
Related terms: cougar lynx
That puma is really fit. I'd love to jag her.
by Sam November 30, 2003
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another name for the warthog on halo/red vs. blue
"it dosnt look like a warthog, it looks more like a big cat, like a puma"
by Mikey and Josh January 30, 2004
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Press Until Milk Appears
Dude to his girl: How the heck am I supposed to get some milk?
Girl: PUMA baby!
by african_dude February 15, 2008
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Acronym to describe disenchanted Hilary Clinton supporters so frustrated with the Democratic Party's failure to nominate her are saying they will vote Republican. Stands for Party Unity My Ass.
Barack Obama has to worry about the PUMAs siphoning off otherwise sure Democratic votes.
by KeithDB August 26, 2008
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