take a ss of that mang!
by PSH November 2, 2003
abreviation for "Schutzstaffel". Schutz meaing "Defense" in German, and Staffel meaning "Echelon" in German. The Schutzstaffel was an elite quasi-military unit of the Nazi party that served as Hitler's personal guard and as a special security force in Germany and the occupied countries.
Insipid neo-nazis, who are ignorant of history, often write "SS" on walls and other objects as graffiti.
by Fallen Angel January 5, 2004
speak soon or start streak (snapchat streak)
Speak soon:
Hey ss ok?
Ye ss
Start streak (snapchat)
by freddø September 17, 2017
abreviation fo "Schutzstaffel", which translates to "Protective squadron". They were an elite paramilitary group associated with the Nazi party.
The SS was divided into several units, one of the most famous of which was the combat or Waffen-SS.
by Capt_Capacitor April 25, 2005
The '66 Corvette SS, has a larger engine and higher torque
by B-deezee December 3, 2003
Serial Shitter - The person who pollutes the toilets and leaves their shit behind!
you go into a public toilet and dear god "the ss has struck again"
by Jetcha January 31, 2008
Screenshot, or snapshot of something taken on screen.
Send me a ss of your conversation on Facebook.
by justcuz!! September 26, 2017