Basically, someone crazy; someone who does or says weird things for no reason.
Dan: I don't know, I just never do my homework for no reason.

Mikaela: Tri-pper! *giggle*
by Mallorey April 22, 2005
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somebody who thinks they are great musician, when in reality they do shitty cabana music.
Person A: Talked to Jimbo back there near the bar, he was so cocky talking about new jobs in hollywood as a musician.
Person B: He actually believes he is that good.

Person A: What a tripper.
by mwallace2202 May 24, 2015
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"What's Ryan into?"
"He's just a tripper."
by Diego June 20, 2003
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someone who trips out weather being on drugs or not
the tripper: "wow that dog has four legs"

average guy: "man your a tripper"
by smakka March 2, 2008
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someone who trips out on you for no reason.
"Dude what was her problem?" "I dunno, she's just a tripper"
by GnarKill April 26, 2003
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taking things out of porportion.
by Sporker. September 1, 2010
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A Lip Tripper is another name for a Tongue Twister.
"Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" is a difficult Lip Tripper.
by Lorien Gamaroff July 22, 2017
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