A query you ask someone after stating a joke that they don't get
Louis: "hey sophie did you hear that half life 3 comes out february 29th, 2019"
Sohpie: "oh wow that's awesome"
Louis: "sophie do you get me 2019 doesn't have a february 29th"
by buy me free games October 8, 2018
Used in challenging a person who has said or done something offensive as an equivalent of the expression, "how dare you?"
by SacreBleu April 6, 2008
1. (inquiry) Used when someone has crossed the line, in your opinion.

2. One of the very funny Lines from the very unsuccessful film Hot Rod
Friend 2: Where do you get off?

2. Rod: Where do you get off?
by Mr. Manager July 12, 2008
the more truthful version of the idiotic: "what do YOU do ??" which is simply a nosy way to find out someone's money source! if the source isn't 'approved' , one can wave goodbye to their (would-be) 'slice' !
that bitch asked: where do you get money ? i was, DAMN! , if i tell the truth i won't have a CHANCE of "cracking that crotch" !

if you sound half intelligent, "they" want to know: what do you do ? sometimes, i like to speak cretinese, which shuts the where do you get money ? types right down "
by michael foolsley May 7, 2022
Basically means "why are you...", as in "why are you having sexual relations with my wife, friend?"
Or, as most of us would put it:

"Where the fuck do you get off fucking my wife, asshole!?"
by PoopyPoo April 30, 2005
A question asked when someone has done something considered to be awkward, strange, and/or just plain odd.

A rather literal analogy: When on a city bus/train/subway/etc., you might meet some odd person. You might ask "Where do you get off?" as in asking what stop they get off at, wondering if they live in a neighbourhood with strange folk.

Probably not the true origin of the term, but that seems like a pretty good guess if you ask me.
Guy 1: "So yeah, I like to run around naked with a ball of wool in my hand, and my cat chases me trying to get the ball of wool. It's sooooo much fun!"

Guy 2: "Where do you get off?"
by oddneighbourhoodguy November 26, 2009