Puma is pretty ,cute and gets all the boys .she love to dance and is very flexible and love trying new things. She has high self-esteem and a real party person she thick and stands up for her friends and family . she never lost a Competition and very smart. And favorite color is purple.
If she pretty and flexible and thick then she must be PUMA
by Rosely24 August 01, 2017
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A hotter younger looking cougar.
WOW, she is 43 and looks 33 and loves younger men. She is a definite PUMA.
by PUMAgirl 43 February 03, 2016
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A puma refers to a male seeking out younger girls for sex and other things
Oh, he's just a puma. He only dates girls that are 5 years younger.
by imcoolerthanyouu August 23, 2010
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A Puma is an attractive woman over 40 who is chased by younger men. As opposed to a Couger, which is an older woman who chases younger men.
"Damn, there's Julie again, she's so fine!"

"Bro, don't bother, she's. Puma, and she'll just tell you you're 15 years to young. She's no Cougar! "
by Pumagirl67 September 26, 2020
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Another disease related to ligma. Also similar to sugma and sugondese.
You: Dude I'm bouta puma!
Friend: Whats puma??
You: Puma this dick in yo mouth!!
by Poooly November 07, 2018
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1. The puma is a type of big cat found in the Americas. Also known as a cougar, mountain lion, panther, catamount, or painted cat.

2. A connotation may be:
"A hott girl between the age of 25-35, 35-45 is a cougar"

I simply don't understand this. Puma and cougar are the exact same animal, so why is it two seperate age groups? Jesus people.
1a. "I jus' dun gone shot that thar puma. Right after it ate my gran'babies and raped my six wives."

1b. "Pumas are very interesting animals, but sometimes threaten modern civilization by not staying in the wild."

2. "Wow, look at those two sweltering cougars over therel!"
"No, Jeremiah, those are PUMAS."
"What the HELL is the difference?!"
by Snazzy Syro August 09, 2007
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A sportsman of no distinction who is known for not completing a race. Often used in conjunction with the phrase "Brown Barrier."
I say Charles, isn't that the Puma going past in that boat? I think he's just hit the Brown Barrier.
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