To be horny but unable to satisfy those urges due to location, crowds, or lack of a lover.
Jill felt very frustrated while at the office since her boyfriend's teasing phonecall.
by Emma Jeannette November 10, 2007
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SOmething u get when no one will publish ur urban dictionary definition
u editiors r so frustration causing
by MLB lover 2020 February 28, 2019
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1. Trying to get to home plate with a girl but can’t even get to first base.

2. Wanting to date a girl but she won’t even give you any attention

3. Continuously getting turned down by the opposite sex

4. Seeing all of your friends getting married while you can’t even meet someone who likes you back

5. When your friends/family have a life and you don’t

6. Hearing of all your friend’s successes when you have nothing but failures

7. When your friends are getting everything in life when you cant even get the smallest thing

8. Being on the freeway during rush hour

9. The feeling you get when you hear your taxes are going up again
My life is nothing but a giant frustration--nothing less and nothign more. I don't understand it.
by December 12, 2007
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I have frustration over this football team. They don't have any good ideas, it seems.
by Ereck Flowers May 1, 2015
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Often expressed on the internet with a long line of random letters typed quickly, furiously and usually impulsively. There's no specific word for it.
Can also be used to express shock and utter excitement. Spelling typos often ensue. In real life these chains of letters are usually used while having a seizure.
Possible spellings of "frustration":

Adfasdaflksdfl;askl;apdsfkfkewo my computer broke

by Pootsforever March 3, 2010
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Frustration is when Josh says he wants to hang out but never actually does
by joshissofrustrating March 22, 2018
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Something you do that will get the person you are doing it to extremely frustrated. <See Beerfest.> Popo will show you the way.
Jim - Stop that shit, it is totally frustrating.
Jack - Its frustrating...Frustrating, Its so frustrating, frustrating, its frustrating, frustrating.

*Jack gets punched in the face by Jim*
by Jackelope January 13, 2007
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