Mehdi is a man who is funny & can be very charming when he wants to. He is dark & handsome, although not at all tall. He is intelligent in many ways & a genius with computers, great at math, but kinda sucks at spelling. He can be very philosophical. He has black curly hair & warm honey golden brown eyes.He is very warm & caring. He is very family-orientated. He is a great father, a wonderful husband & anyone would be lucky to have him in their life. Women swoon at his feet, but he just steps over them because he is veryfaithful & only has eyes for his wife. He definitely has a sensitive & sentimental side. He is kind of a geek, but in a good way. He can speak several languages fluently & is very talented. One of his favorite quotes is that "the most silent creature is often the deadliest" when he feels he is being taken advantage of. He is a great singer.He can be stubborn & bull-headed but yet he is a very calm, patient, & forgiving man. He is just one of the best people anyone can know. He is very much loved by all that meet him. There is so much more to write about this man, but time & space just do not permit the continuation of many words that would be sure to come.
I love Mehdi.

Computer having problems? Call Mehdi, he'll know what to do!

Woman 1: Oh my! Who is that handsome guy?!
Woman 2: Don't bother. He's married and completely faithful - believe me, I tried.
Woman 1: Why are all the good ones taken? Must be a Mehdi.
by nOneXs!SteNT December 3, 2010
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Mehdi is a famous name in North Africa , specifically in MOROCCO , algeria & Tunisia.

It's one of the most used names today.
What's your name?
My name is Mehdi & I'm Moroccan , bitch.
by Mhido December 16, 2016
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An Italian & Persian (Farsi) name used for guys, meaning Rescue Angel or savior,

Usually mistaken for The Mahdi (the Guide) that is believed to be a future Muslim world leader.
I am Mehdi Alpacini.
by Mehdi Alpacini September 8, 2009
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1. a rescue leader .

2. a Persian name and also Arabic name for Boys.
Person 1: YA Mehdi come to rescue me.

Person 2: keep your faith and trust in him my darling; he'll surely answer you.
by Mehdi Sir Blue May 7, 2010
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An angel, a guy who feels like home and will do anything and everything for the people he cares about. Most usually tall with light brown hair and golden eyes and an innocent cute smile, he is a great friend and a wonderful lover, but it's hard for him to find the kind of girlfriends he is looking for, simply because his standards are way too high. He cares about family and relationships, and he is ambitious and has so many dreams and he works hard to make them true.
He loves black, must be a Mehdi
by Bvhgftr November 21, 2021
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The name Mehdi means a basic Moroccan man that migrated to London from the rural village of Larache. Although Mehdi is an immigrant, he's the sexiest man alive and every women falls to their knees when they lay eyes on him but he doesn't even realise because he's too busy being loyal to his beautiful girlfriend (we'll make a definition for her another day). He has a soft goat beard like every other average Moroccan, (this is what his gf loves most about him). He had the most beautiful curly hair but he is now bald but his gf still loves him so it doesn't matter. He has an enormous penis that erects whenever his gf says hi to him. Mehdi has a brother called Adam who is even more hot, however, he is a child and Mehdi's gf is not a milf just yet. Overall, Mehdi is a handsome and delicious man that is wanted by every living organism that has a vjj or a pp but he belongs to his gf and if he ever leaves her or cheats he will not see light again.
Slag #1: "Omg wow, who's that hot Arab immigrant looking boy with the huge print?"
Slag #2: "That's Mehdi, be careful he has a girlfriend who loves him so don't go close to him unless you want to die x"
by Mehdi's gf<3 April 18, 2022
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The most handsome (or should I say beautiful) moroccan-american-cuban-jewish guy a german gal could ever encounter. Mehdi is VERY tall, this is important to remember. He is the most excited and bright-eyed toddler you’ll ever meet. Tickle him and you'll know what I am talking about. He will eat an entire bag of liquorice before dinner. When he hurts himself he is grumpy but all he wants and needs is your love. His fashion sense is sublime, always rocking the BAPE. He is probably the only one I know who needs the uttermost opposite of silence in order to concentrate. He enjoys standup and if he would get on stage the crowd would go wild, for sure. As a true hustler he will succeed in anything he puts to his mind, finding his path and building his life the way he wants to live it. When you open up to him he will never judge you but instead always challenge you to grow. He can be a bit impatient and hard headed but always loving and forgiving, with a sensitive and sentimental core. He is protective and extremely loyal and will make you feel like a queen. He is the most intelligent and smartest person one could ever meet and I promise you you will never stop learning from him. Mehdi is an extremely rare type of weird any MGT-nerd would want to have in his or her deck and I would advise you to never ever trade him in for anyone else.
Lion: Mehdi ur so gr8!
Dog: U me too.
by alx_ln December 25, 2018
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