an expression used to define getting off of one’s back, expressing an agitated or annoyed emotion
my teacher is so annoying, she really needs to hop off my peen
by lemonslemons December 10, 2019
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Let loose. Leave alone, or give up.
Stephanie : No but really, I think Olando will change.
Amanda : No he won't damn Steph, Hop off.
by Poptart294 May 25, 2009
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Usually said as "Hop off my dick" or "Hop off my nuts".

Meaning: Leave me alone or Don't judge me.
Jenny: Ewww, that shirt looks disgusting!
Sam: Man, whatever... Hop off!
by tholomew.plague May 26, 2010
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When someone is talking about one person to much over and over
you tell them hop off
person A: "Dis Dude Bob is nice in football, basketball, soccer, baseball he is....."

person B: "Damn Nigga Hop Off His Dick"
by KoolKid34 April 3, 2008
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If someone is hopping on your nuts which is similar to when someone is riding your ass, use the phrase “Hop off”. This is used to hault all immediate action from the assaulter that is hopping on your nuts. Keep in mind this phrase only works against Non-Young Savage’s.
*Glorian-“Why did you lose kyle? You’re trash.”
*Kyle-“Hop off...thanks.”
*Glorian-“Darn it.” *Walks away ashamed*
by Young Savage420 June 4, 2018
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