Newly originating to mean you have 'coined' an idea.
But now similarly emphised by crooks.
A term that is used, to describe a personal gain of someone else.
'Leave your window open and your coined'
Some one has just had an idea to target your monies, if using his new idea, your coined.
by Big Tommy T November 24, 2008
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A Super Mario Brothers reference when Mario jumps up and hits the boxes to get coins.

Used in real life:

To beat someone at something; or
To ram into them or hit them;
To have sex doggy style, each thrust is a coin
We were at the amusement park on the bumper cars, and I just kept coining my brother in the corner. *Bing* *Bing* *Bing* He couldn't even move.

I met this girl last night and coined her for all she was worth.
by Duke AA Nukem October 08, 2009
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a term used to describe an individual who is not special. who is just like everyone else. like a coin from a mint. they are all the same, hence the term coined.
guy 1: damn dude, that girl is so hot!
guy 2: yeah, just like the one next to her, and the one behind her.
guy 1: yeah i know man.
guy 2: blond hair with brown streaks, tight black pants, white, bunch of makeup. they're coined.
by Mo.BA February 14, 2011
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A common missconception is that to 'Coin' a phrase means that you are the first person say/write a phrase that is then adopted by the general public.

In fact, to 'coin a phrase' is the first person to earn a buck from it - for example: in the press.
"When you come down to 'brass tacks' - if we may be allowed the expression - everybody is governed by selfishness."

All of the other known early citations either originate in, or refer to, Texas. It is reasonable to assume that the phrase was coined there, in or about the 1860s.
by lion paw March 28, 2008
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to have a coin (25 cents or larger cheap-ass) dropped in your drink, and consequently having to chug that drink. A coin can only be dropped in your drink if you are holding it.
You got coined, save George!! (Drink it, and retrieve George Washington)
by JFeiten March 31, 2008
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Possessing great material / monetary wealth!
That geezahs well coined!
by sok August 26, 2003
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