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A branch of science without an existing subject.

People engaged in either branch of pseudoscience claim it to be science, either from delusion, ignorance or greed (or all of it). Pseudoscience is invoked in explanations for paranormal phenomenons but not limited to.

Pseudoscience fails to fulfill the definition of science, e.g falsifiability, inconsistance and contradiction of existing knowledge, inabillity to make presumption based on observations or just making a testable hypothesis to an observed phenomenon.

Related to junk scince.
1. Theology - literary, the science of god
2. Intelligent Design - uses "Desinger did it" as a stand-in for argument ad ignorantiam on the science of evolution.
3. Most of the New Age concepts are pseudoscience, such as...
4. Homeopathy - contradicts most of molecular and medical science
by Tongaro September 05, 2009
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Fake science which holds no basis in reality yet so many people choose to believe.
by Jeffery Kark July 07, 2003
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Pseudoscience refers to anything that's disguised as being scientific but has no basis in science and doesn't adhere to scientific method. See abiogenesis, social Darwinism and naturalism for more on that. Pseudo means fake/false so the term pseudoscience means "fake science" in other words.

Contrary to the other definition, subjects such as Intelligent Design and theology are not science. Intelligent Design is a philosophy, meanwhile theology is its own subject and actually refers to the study of concepts relating to God (i.e arguments for God's existence such as the one's in Aristotle's book titled metaphysics.
Many atheists believe in pseudoscience and hypothesizes such as abiogenesis, the multiverse and naturalism.
by Skialian January 09, 2014
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