A branch of science without an existing subject.

People engaged in either branch of pseudoscience claim it to be science, either from delusion, ignorance or greed (or all of it). Pseudoscience is invoked in explanations for paranormal phenomenons but not limited to.

Pseudoscience fails to fulfill the definition of science, e.g falsifiability, inconsistance and contradiction of existing knowledge, inabillity to make presumption based on observations or just making a testable hypothesis to an observed phenomenon.

Related to junk scince.
1. Theology - literary, the science of god
2. Intelligent Design - uses "Desinger did it" as a stand-in for argument ad ignorantiam on the science of evolution.
3. Most of the New Age concepts are pseudoscience, such as...
4. Homeopathy - contradicts most of molecular and medical science
by Tongaro September 6, 2009
Noun - The process by which my grandmother reasons to her conclusion that Earth was created 6,000 years ago with fully evolved organisms.
Dude 1: Bro, this study says that using cell phones causes cancer.
Dude 2: (peruses study design and results) Looks like pseudoscience to me.
Dude 1: But it’s true because I’m afraid that it’s true.
Dude 2: Well, I’m afraid that it’s not true.
by True_Lust July 22, 2019
A propaganda word used to discredit anything that THEY don't want you to know.
Many celebrities say how the Law of Attraction changed their lives and helped get them what they want.
- but it's just stupid pseudoscience, even BBC news said that!
by t00c00lforscho00l April 10, 2022
The pseudoscience problem is a logical and pragmatic problem that understands the category of "pseudoscience" as a vague and bad category for analisys, since it can have a confuse using and even having inconsistent using majority of times, such as the neoatheist and materialist use of the term "pseudoscience" that might refer to everything that is not scientific and even to religious, spiritual, occult, supernatural, philosophical, cultural, social, political and economical themes.
"The pseudoscience problem shows how pseudoscience concept might be really inconsistent and problematic sometimes, mainly when used by neoatheists and materialists... We might need get into a new classification for scientific and non-scientific categories and even, maybe, counter neoatheism and materialism inside science, for avoid problems such as the pseudoscience problem."

"The pseudoscience problem is a good way to understand why we should be pragmatic and relativist inside scientific and non-scientific issues, mainly if it is about evidences, since we have evidences of all kinds, not just scientific evidences, it is even useful for show the cult to scientific/objective evidences might be countered inside science and the formulation of new ways to search for evidences and even adopt epistemological anarchism for openly scientific and non-scientific themes, since the scientific method might have its own problems such as pseudoscience concept."
by Full Monteirism January 6, 2021
Soft and Hard Pseudoscience is a stance that divides pseudosciences into two main kinds, soft and hard. Soft pseudosciences are things considered as pseudosciences that might be considered as science in the future or that cannot be proved, disproved or determined by natural sciences or even that doesn't want to be considered as science, such as astral projection, mediumship, deistology, parapsychology, psychic phenomena, mystical experiences, extraphysics, conscientology, multiverses, esoterics, spirituality, religion, divination, occult sciences, spiritual sciences and occultism. While hard pseudosciences are things considered as pseudosciences because they can be proved, disproved or determined by natural sciences or even that wants to predent to be a science, such as flat Earth, climate denial, antivax and homeopathy. And soft pseudosciences can be often referred as parasciences or as extrasciences.
"The soft and hard pseudoscience division might be really good, such as the soft and hard science denial division, but it might be necessary to wait some time until this division become a reality."
by Full Monteirism May 23, 2021
A science that doesn't pretend to be fact or accurate (like real science), where someone could say just about anything and people would still think it sounded good, kind of like religion.
People like astrology for the same reason they like religion, it's bullshit that sounds good (and doesn't have to come with a bunch of numbers that sound accurate like science or math). Calling it a pseudoscience is deceptive because it makes all other sciences sound responsible, true, and real when scientists are really the least socially responsible people, just like astrologers, except scientists are worse because people take their information as fact and not misinformation.
by The Original Agahnim November 14, 2021