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Cards used to connect to your intuition m. There is a lot of misinformation regarding them, but generally they all have symbolic images on them and meanings, when you shuffle them you use your intuition/connect with the universal energy/database and pull out a card that describes your current situation, what you can change,the future etc. you interpret them according to your current situation .
tarot cards helped me in my life and gave me guidance regarding my relationship
by t00c00lforscho00l March 22, 2022
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Type 6 civilization is a very advanced civilization that is multi-dimensional
I think that the Arcturians and the Pleiadians are type 6 civilization, while humans aren't even type 1
by t00c00lforscho00l May 15, 2022
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Programming institute, to make modern children uncreative, quiet, obdient, slaves of the system, instead of what they DON'T want - artists, leaders, musicans, CEO's, government officials.. In that place, they give you some bullshit you must remember to then forget it. if you are obdient, and remember this BS, society thinks you are smart. in school they often don't pay attention to mental health issues and don't care about the kids, and many people want to commit suicide because they are so overwhelmed by school. you're in this place to later go into another waste of time and scam, called college, then get a regular 9-5 job, give money to big corporations, then watch some Netflix propaganda and die. Novus ordo Seclorum.
- do you go to school?
- yeah, but i wanna commit suicide, i am bad at school, i have too much homework, i don't have time to spend time with my friends and my family, i am bullied and the teachers don't do anything. why even this place exists? i am a failure.
- no, youre not. if you have bad grates that doesn't mean you are a failure. your grades doesn't define your intelligence, they define your obdience to authority and memory. remember, you are a wonderful person, and you have many undiscovered talents, that school wants you to forget. try to find something you love. ignore this mean mfs. you see? this is what school does to our people.
by t00c00lforscho00l April 8, 2022
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A place that ain't for a no pussy. Many people think that lifestyle is cool because of hip hop and rap but don't want the struggles that come with it.
I saw my homie gettin shot in the ghetto, no shit..
by t00c00lforscho00l March 22, 2022
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a propaganda word used by ignorant pseudo-intellectuals who think they are smarter, while they are absorbing all the programming from the mainstream media, government etc, that reject anything that they cannot understand or isn't studied enough, to discredit anything so called "spiritual/new age" such as Law Of Attraction, and more.
everything is energy and vibration, Nikola Tesla said that.
wait what stop that woo-woo shit, i just have brainfuck because of all this woo-woo shit, this is all pseudoscience, you're a SCIENCE DENIER!!
by t00c00lforscho00l April 6, 2022
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Humans have 7 chakras, they are responsible for energy flow etc we have root chakra, crown chakra, etc.
we have 7 chakras
by t00c00lforscho00l May 15, 2022
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