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A talented rapper from Detroit, paved the way for white rappers. One of the greatest rapper ever. He has multiple personalities and his alter ego is Slim Shady and he sings about violence but also is very funny.
- did you hear about Eminem?
-yeah a goat..
by t00c00lforscho00l March 22, 2022
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Egocentric Manipulative Narcassitic Lazy Pesonality Disorder - (for example my mom) a personality disorder, chracterized by;

- childishness and immaturity
- inability to take care of themselves, inresponsible and extremely lazy
- lack of intelligence, low levels of intelligence

- can't see the consequences of their actions
- prone to addictions, such as alcoholism and drug addiction and denying it
- wears a mask, on the outside they may appear as charming, they create a fictional persona on the internet but
- manipulative, they gaslight
- guilt-tripping to get whatever they want
- weak mentality
- narcassistic tendencies but they don't show that instead they play humble and guilt trip all the time
- constant lying and manipulating
- impulsivness, forgetfullness, often due to alcoholism
- sensitive to their body image and private life
BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE. they are dangerous
i just discovered my mom's true face. she has EMNLPD!
by t00c00lforscho00l May 15, 2022
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Alpha Lyrae/Vega is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra. It's a beautiful light blue star and it's 3 times hotter than the sun. It has a planetary system, scientistcs recently discovered it has a hot Neptune. It had much more beautiful and habitable planets, but they were destroyed in the Great Galactic Wars, and
The star Vega, is also called Alpha Lyrae. It has a planetary system, and it's the home of the Lyrans.
by t00c00lforscho00l June 9, 2022
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The Adromedans, are light beings from the Andromeda Galaxy. They are helping in the ascension process and also volunteering as LightWorkers/Starseeds, by incarnating in human bodies.
The Andromedans are star beings from Andromeda Galaxy
by t00c00lforscho00l April 10, 2022
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Humans have 7 chakras, they are responsible for energy flow etc we have root chakra, crown chakra, etc.
we have 7 chakras
by t00c00lforscho00l May 15, 2022
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A form of enlightenment. Consciously feeling you are connected to the Universe. When your vibration is so high, or you are in higher state of consciousness/trance, that you feel connected to everything in the Universe and the enviorment around you. you feel enlightened. that's the moment, when you realize you are one with the Universe. I called this experience "connecting to the universe", but my Spirit Guides told me, "conscious realization of oneness" would be a better word to describe it, because you are always one with the universe, you ARE the universe, and subconsciously/in your soul you know it , that's who you really are, but when you achieve CONSCIOUS REALIZATION OF ONENESS you realize that in your conscious mind. it's a heightened state of consciousness. an euphoric moment. In deep meditation you can also achieve conscious realization of oneness.
Rapping makes me so happy, that when I do it I instantly feel connected to everything, I experience Conscious Realization of Oneness, because I feel connection to everything in my conscious mind. When I rap or sing i feel in alignment, I feel like I am finally fulfilling my mission. During conscious realization of oneness/heightened vibration, I feel egoless, euphoric, to this point I lay on the floor and cry because I am so grateful for every atom in this Universe and just for existence. I forget about all the problems in the world. Do what makes you happy, to be in high vibrational state.
by t00c00lforscho00l April 6, 2022
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a label created by the cia weaponized by the mass media used against any person who opposes the media narrative because there is a clear proof, doesn't trust the government/TV, uses their brain. the term is used to dismiss and insult anyone who opposes the mainstream narrative , sees behind the curtains. the term is used by brainless sheeple in denial to label people who don't believe the government or have different political views, and group them along with Qanon cult, and stupid people who believe anything in the internet. according to their logic, if someone doesn't believe or is sceptical to a mass media narrative/article and doesn't trust the government (look at the history..) and is able to think for themselves, he is a "braindead Q-anon right-wing conspiracy theorist" and the conversaton is over. the people who use that term are usually easily manipulated by the media like BBC,NBC, and is projecting on eveyone, and is unable to connect dots, or is deeply in denial. in reality, there isn't really such a thing as conspiracy theorist. the REAL BRAINDEAD CONSPIRACY THEORISTS ARE THE PEOPLE WHO TRUST THE GOVERNMENT AND TAKE THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE TV. they say "trust the science" meanwhile their science are fake doctors on the TV and fake news stations that call themselves reliable and any real news stations, fake news.
- conspiracy theorists spread dangerous misinformation and believe anything on the internet

person 1: Micheal Jackson spoke openly about music industry and mass media being fake and corrupted. then his sister on an interview said that she is sure that he was killed, confirmed that behind the music industry there are people that are pulings strings, and by saying "i wonder who's next, because it always happens in threes!" predicted another two celebrities death. when they sacrifice a celebrity, they often murder another two to make triple sacrifice and distract people from these two. that isn't the only one proof of the existence of the cabal.
person 2: proof?
person 1: here is a full interview. *link* You can check these deaths on Wikipedia
person 2: noo that's some crazy conspiracy shit i won't be watching this video go spreading dangerous medical misinformation you prolly didn't take the vaxx braindead conspiracy theorist
by t00c00lforscho00l January 23, 2022
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