A prediction or educated-guess based on current evidence that is yet to be tested.
I hypothesize that my pants will decend.

It seems that my hypothesis was correct. Now, to get funky.
by Didda Tinkle June 6, 2004
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A guess made by someone with a PhD.

In common usage, the words hypothesis, model, theory, and law have different interpretations and are at times used without precision, but in science they have very exact meanings. A hypothesis is a limited statement regarding the cause and effect in a specific situation, which can be tested by experimentation and observation or by statistical analysis of the probabilities from the data obtained.
It's not just a guess, it's a hypothesis.
by Bill gronos July 4, 2006
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An educated guess. Yup, it's that simple. No need to spend hours trying to find someone who understands the Wikipedia shit! 😂
Girl #1: ugh! I have this stupid lab report due tomorrow and I don't know what a hypothesis is!! I'm gonna go search it on Wikipedia.
Girl #2: No, no! Don't, you'll waste your time. Just go on urban dictionary😜
by Dude frickin bro January 3, 2016
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Hypothesis means, a different theory or observation by seeking into it.
I made a hypothesis guess fr9k what I already know.
by Hypothesis December 13, 2018
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Mac's hypothesis is the theory that a man can establish whether he is straight or gay by watching gay porn and seeing if he gets hard.
Person A: Fuck man I followed Mac's hypothesis yesterday and I got hard
Person B: Wtf fuck outta here you homo
by nignog10297 September 15, 2020
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If you have a solid food, and you put nutella on it, it now tastes better than before you added the nutella.
Friend: These cookies are stale I'm just gonna throw them out.

Me: WAIT!!! Use the Trackenberg Hypothesis.

Friend: You're right... mmmmmmm soooooooo gooooood
by trumpetguyy13 September 27, 2011
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Without question, THE most important unsolved problem in all of mathematics. The hypothesis, put forth by Bernhard Riemann in 1859, states that ALL non-trivial zeros of the Zeta function have a real part of one-half. Another way to put this is that the distribution of numbers with an odd number of prime factors vs. those with and even number of prime factors is roughly 50/50. Anyone who can prove the Riemann Hypothesis without the aid of a computer will win a $1,000,000 prize. A great deal of mathematical theorems rest on the assumption that this hypothesis is true. If anyone can find a non-trivial zero of Zeta with a real part not equal to 1/2 will destroy a lot of mathematical work, and become very famous.
The Zeta function = 1 + 1/2^S + 1/3^S + 1/4^S .... to infinity. The Riemann Hypothesis states that Zeta = 0 only when the real part of S = 1/2 (non-trivial zeros on the critical line). Has eluded a proof for almost 150 years.
by Ignatz April 29, 2008
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