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Somebody that keeps trying to tell you it's all good between you and them (despite every indication to the contrary) or that you've forgiven and forgotten everything on their end, even though you're not forgiving or senile by nature.
The real cynics are the ones that seem to think everything is okay with everybody all the time, or that everything will be okay, so people shouldn't worry. That is false optimism, and people (a false optimist) who think that way are not good liars.
by The Original Agahnim August 31, 2021
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People that are realistic about life might not make good liars either, but at least they don't put up a paper thin facade of being optimists where there is no good reason to be optimistic about something or someone.
A false optimist is the most negative kind of person around beneath the surface, but what's on the surface is everything to someone like that. What they have to show others for something is everything, even though it's phony.
by The Original Agahnim August 31, 2021
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Letting someone else get the best of you to keep life on an even keel.
Not everybody had a 6th grade version of themselves that would kick the shit out of the adult version of themselves comromising everything, some people had a 6th grade version of themselves that wanted to become rich and powerful enough to force everyone else to compromise everything.
by The Original Agahnim August 5, 2021
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In just a couple years TV for kids went from Ninja Turtles to Power Rangers, so what do people think the new order of kids that grew up on Power Rangers and Barney the Purple Dinosaur are going to do with the world if they get the New Kingdom they are trying to make happen?
The New Order of kids actually thought the Power Rangers was awesome when it came out, which is a lot like describing secret police or SS as awesome. They also thought Barney the purple dinosaur was awesome, which is just plain disturbing. These are the kinds of kids that got ideas from watching the 90's show that had a goofy song with a line "Brother for sale, 25 cents" on how to make the dollar signs in their eyes from a young age.
by The Original Agahnim December 14, 2021
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Trees being clear cut for development, farming, or any other purpose isn't climate change, it's just simply people that don't think they have enough dollar signs (developers especially). It's people that don't think they're part of the problem, they have a more positive view of themselves (though they don't see their view of themselves as narcissistic).
As long as people see dollar signs where a family of trees stands, trees are endangered. The kinds of people that clear cut them aren't going to respect them any time soon, they're more concerned about the respect they think they will get once they make money out of the trees (as money does come from paper, which comes from trees). The trees are the underdogs, not the people. Climate change is a fictional way of thinking, a way for humans to say they're in control of everything in the environment.
by The Original Agahnim September 1, 2021
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Humans are the only species arrogant wnough to think they have the power to change the climate. Claiming that humans created or could fix global warming is like claiming that humans created or could have fixed the most recent ice age. With or without us, the planet will warm and cool, and the climate will fluctuate like day and night, yin and yang, or any other form of duality people can think of.
The world doesn't need us for climate change to happen naturally. Perhaps we are here to make things worse, and not to pretend we are saving the planet, because we never were. Perhaps we are here to make chemicals. Everyone is part of the problem, so why wouldn't we be here for that reason?
by The Original Agahnim November 1, 2021
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A trend that people are getting more arrogant, to the point they think they now have full control of the weather, and they think humans were the major factor in events like the Ice age. There is no lesson from a storm, it's simply nature (nature has no assigned sex male or female, neither does a storm, the names come from humans) showing people again and again that it can wipe out anything humans (whether they were male or female) ever created. Some people would call that God in an attempt to explain it, others would try to explain it with science, but really it's simple enough that it doesn't really need any explanation.
Climate change is an attempt by humans to claim that they have nature under control, and that if nature is out of their control, it is because they made it that way. It's not just male humans that have that kind of arrogance, it's all humans. The good news is at least it's killing us in large numbers. If any species deserves to suffer in large numbers, it is humans.
by The Original Agahnim August 31, 2021
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