Jeff: "I'm going out on a hot date tonight."
Matty: "Like real!"
by Jun0 May 24, 2008
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I mean it. Seriously. I'm not joking.
Stop doing that, like for real! She is wearing that shirt again, like for real?
by crav4587 June 15, 2012
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A sarcastic statement to express the absurdity or irony of a situation
Jump off the cliff and respawn, and it'll put you where you need to go. Just like in real life
by Onandonandomnom October 30, 2018
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when u like this person really hard and u are just right for each other. and its like, u dont have to love me u just have to like me real hard.
Sam: hey ill be on l8r but im out. like ya real hard.
Laura: ya real hard.
by Larlaw January 6, 2005
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being real, or in other words amazing, good, or great at something. Refers to the soccer team real madrid who is arguably the best soccer team and the most popular.
people refer to the soccer team as being "real"...hence the phrase real like madrid
guy 1: yo I played alot of soccer over the summer
guy 2: i bet you still suck though
guy 1: nah bro im real like madrid now
by chocolate fever September 22, 2011
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Phrase used on a person who is behaving/speaking in a highly bitchlike manner.
Jonathan: "Al Gore drank my apple juice."
Briana: "You actin like a real bitch right now"
by straight_evil August 8, 2006
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When thee who called as your friend is helping you out
Oh shit your giving me a bowl like real
by BIGTAKLA December 17, 2020
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