someone who thinks that nothing exists but physical matter.
someone who thinks that nothing exists but physical matter.
by materialist April 19, 2003
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The act of caring more about THINGS than people; judging yourself and others on the cost of your stupid things.
She is so materialistic since she won the lotto!
by Cheyenne January 5, 2005
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Someone typically a hoe , who prefers brands than quality, someone who is excessively concerned with material possessions, usually money oriented
Oh yeah I bout this shirt for 100 dollars * says ‘100 dollars 5 times or more* *self centred materialistic hoe*
by Cupcakkke February 12, 2019
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One who thinks nothing exists outside of energy. Thanks to relativity, matter is considered energy. An object is considered to have energy just by existing.
by NikeYoung April 5, 2004
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Someone who gives the impression of placing material things above people.

However, this is usually used by people who feel inferior to someone who has nicer clothes, better shoes, etc. than themself. So they use this word to try to lift themselves out of their dark, sad hole.
Ashley: Wow, I really love those shoes Jen's wearing... & Her shirt is really cute too.

Amanda: Pshh, she's so materialistic. At least I have.. Friends...
by TChandliee May 25, 2007
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What everyone IS, no matter how hard they claim material things do not matter to them. THIS coming from an asshat with $80 trendy-ass jeans complete with all those useless pockets, zippers and straps and $300 worth of "alternative" jewelery.
"Um... don't need to get me anything this Christmas. I'm kind of like the non-materialistic type. Really, I am."
-that trendily-clad person that pissed me off with the same old non-materialistic bullshit.
by Shameless Plug January 9, 2004
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Someone who believes a type of material is inferior to another, or someone who discriminates against specific types of material. See materialism
George: Do you have any leather jackets? I hate fleece.

Cashier: Oh, you're one of those kinds of people. We don't serve materialists here, fuck off.

George: I'm not a materialist, I have reasons for hating fleece.

Cashier: You bigots make me sick.
by Zeddler June 23, 2013
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