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The study of hidden animals. Animals that may or may not be real but some people believe in them because they have either seen them, or they believe evidence of their existance.
by Jonathan V. December 14, 2004
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A psuedoscience that deals with animals currently unknown to science. While it certainly has more cred than most other psuedosciences (since their are thousands of species we have yet to document), it still focuses on more sensational reports, doesn't allow for much skepticism and attracts its fair share of UFO geeks and other impressionable people. A scientist who goes looking for a new kind of quail in southeast Asian rainforests can be said to be dabbling in cryptozoology. Sadly, cryptozoology focuses more often on ridiculous monster such as the chupacabra, bigfoot and loch ness monster.
1. Megan, who was into cryptozoology, had no trouble believing that the wake she saw in Stockton Lake was a lake monster. She called it Stockie.

2. For a long time the Giant Squid was confined to the realm of cryptozoology until washed up bodies were found and properly documented.
by Genetic_Mishap April 01, 2006
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the study of hidden and mysterious creatures. its one of the coolest areas of science ever cuz u dun needa a degree. :D
Cryptids such as bigfoot, the loch ness monster, el chupacabra, mothman, jersey devil, dover demon, the beast of gevaudan are some of the "common" creatures of cryptozoology.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 24, 2005
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"If you want to get government grants to sit on your ass and make up animals, you should study cryptozoology."
by sperm warrior July 08, 2009
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