free from error or defect
"Arya's memories were more accurate than Nina's due to the large amount of alcohol she ingested... Thus, she was too intoxicated to remember certain events accurately"
by Amizzle18 December 24, 2009
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phat, awesome, dope;hip-hop community
Yo kid, those kicks are fuckin accurate.
by Inky July 2, 2004
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The expressed measurement wasnt at scientific standards. The rate of change between measurements at different time points showed a precise rate of change.
My total body fat measurement wasnt accurate on the scale. But my rate of bodyfat lost was. My scale is Accurately inaccurate.
by Owenscott June 19, 2019
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Correct about something (usually personal aspects) to a seemingly unexplainable degree, thereby inducing fear.
"You have to try that psychic tarot rune personality test popup with the green dancing monkeys. It's scary accurate!"

"Candee thought it was scary accurate that Lou Gehrig died of Lou Gehrig's disease."
by Samcastic October 6, 2007
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Person 1: Hey, today I was reading a very accurate definiton on urban dictionary that said giraffes use their long necks to reach up into the sky and stab birds with their horns!

Person 2: Really? I thought they just reached up into trees to get at leaves

Person 1: Nah, that's a common misconception. Just check out, it'll set you straight. You know, dictionaries are always right!
by whatifidon'thaveaname December 6, 2009
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To pull something from ones ass that is eerily accurate to the truth
wow so Jordan was so "rectally accurate" the idea he pulled from his ass was 100% correct
by JudgeTred August 11, 2016
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