Medicine able to cure everything except actual illness.
Example: Chop a homeopaths leg off.

Cure that homeopathy!
by tlc01 January 24, 2011
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A fraud scheme that has been running since the 1700's by which a guillible person is sold a substance, usually pure water, as a cure for various ailments. At its inception, an elaborate set of pseudoscientific/pseudoreligeous principles, as a basis for homeopathy, were developed as a smoke screen for the perpatrators to avoid prosecution by the state. Due to the fact that medical science was embryonic at the time, convincing con artists could put forth wild stories regarding how their wonder cures worked, and no credible establishment could contradict them.

The statement "like cures like" is often used, and is qualified by the reasoning that the more dilute a substance becomes, the more potent it becomes. Despite the rational, scientific age that we live in there are many people who, irrationally, believe in homeopathy. Sadly many people with dire health problems, desperate for hope, will spend all they have on a homeopathic cure which consists entirely of either water, sugar pills, or some other such placebo. All objective examinations of homeopathy quickly determine that it could only be a centuries-old get rich quick scheme, as there is no legitimate scientific or medical reasoning behind it.
Mary: I went to a Homeopath today to treat my herpes! He took some herbs, and diluted them with water unitl there wasn't a single atom of the herbs left, and then sold me an ounce of the water for only $200!
Mary's children: Mommy, will we eat today?
Mary: No dearie, mommy needs the grocery money for her homeopathy and the palm reader this month.
by Clump12345 August 18, 2011
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An alternative, none science-based medicine which originated on the now outdated and completely disproved principle that water holds a "memory" of diluted substances, and that "the similar cures the similar". That is, even if they are diluted to a level where absolutely no molecules of the said substance can remain. Various studies have repeatedly shown that homeopathic remedies are as effective as any placebo treatments.
"Hey John, do you wanna try these new pills from the homeopathy clinic?"
- "Sure Bob, I'm gonna try them out on my way to my crystal-magnets natural acupuncture therapy"
by Xnerdz August 6, 2015
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A branch of medicine to cure by converting the unnatural heterosexual characteristics of humans into homosexual characteristics.
Hetero - Yo, how did she turn gay?

Homo - homeopathy, now she gay.

Hetero - But why?

Homo - she had to do it to 'em
by moonlitgay July 20, 2020
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Essentially: Quacks. A pseudo-science based purely on anecdotal evidence. This field thrives purely because it is inimical to real science.

Do not be fooled by phrases such as: 'memory of water' as basis for the molecular basis of homeopathy's effectiveness. Such claims have been systematically discredited.
Homeopath: Hello, I'm a homeopath, I practice homeopathy.

You: Throw yourself in a fire, homeopath.
by Parv September 25, 2007
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Making SW updates that have no effect on the indicated problem but make certain group of people feel better
"That new colorful icon is surely a software homeopathy. The program still crashes"
by Headcloth July 27, 2021
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A falsely proven belief of the social construct of today's society.

Pronunciation: /soˈt͡sio hoʊmiˈɒpəθi/
Isn't Socio-Homeopathy like Homeopathy ?

The picture represents not humanity, but its greed and “socio-homeopathy” of believing you're a good person.
by kangoes January 15, 2019
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