Typically those who overemphasise their scholastic experience or qualifications as a justification to belittle, marginalise or dismiss your opinion as pedestrian, limited or invalid.
They made claims that forwarded their ignorance and supposed superiority had an air of pseudo-intellectual proclivities.
by Stephen James Sakamoto May 07, 2016
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Someone who tries to sound smart by defining "pseudo-intellectual," while displaying a lack of proper grammar, sentence structure, or correct spelling. Said person is often found to have a fairly large amount of unwarranted arrogance. You are a chode.
Every single person who tried to define "pseudo-intellectual" just made themself out to be quite farcical. Their parents must be siblings.
by Us People July 06, 2009
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Tom O'Brien is the quintessence of a pseudo-intellectual.

He wants to become some sort of engineer, unfortunately his SAT scores don't synchronize.
Person 1:Why are you wearing that beige colored hat?
THOB: To my superior knowledge, I believe that such a hat is worthy enough to be placed upon my educated head...for no reason other than pleasure and sophistication.
Person 1: ...uh, stop trying to impress me with your faux intelligence, cretin.
by RichardKarn December 10, 2004
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Derogatory term aimed at people giving information, and sometimes misinformation, without the credentials to do so. These people often type as if they are scientists, blindly citing wikipedia.
X: You're retarded so who cares about your opininon, Y.
Y: According to wikipedia, and I cite, that is an argumentum ad hominem, or a logical fallacy attempting to link the validity of a premise to a characteristic or belief of the opponent advocating the premise.
X: Stop being a pseudo-intellectual.
by tinygiantz March 22, 2011
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The label applied to anyone who says something you don't understand.
He studies just to make his pseudointellectual banter harder for me to understand.
by Dr John July 15, 2012
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A) synonym for Hipster

B) one who makes proclamations that to the lay-person may sound edgy, controversial, new, deep or thought-out, but to anyone with more detailed knowledge, will be instantly dismissed as a load of posturing bullshit.
One of their favoured fallacies when challenged on an absurdity is the courtier's reply - 'you just don't understand/aren't clever enough/aren't in the know'.

They lack social graces and wisdom, and are quick to jump on factual errors to make themselves feel better, as they pride intellectual prowess over good manners, kindness and humour which makes them tiresome company.
They do not believe in intellectual democracy for the betterment of others, but aristocracy to belittle others.

They will insist you read books, watch films and listen to music they've heard of but may not have read, seen or heard themselves, and enjoy dropping names of authors, directors, musicians and other artists that are avante-garde, cult or classical, even if they have no real exposure to their work, most likely having read about them in a paper, magazine or website aimed at the pretentious and po-faced. They are also vulnerable to being 'Sokal'd' in their desperation to look learned and superior.

Most tellingly, the pseudo-intellectual is prickly and insecure around those they might learn from, while a well-adjusted, moderately intelligent person is always keen to learn from those with greater insight and reading.
Pseud'; 'but of course, Ingmar Bergman's films are so camp'.
Sycophants; hahahaha!
Somebody who has seen a Bergman film; 'Utter shite! Name me one and describe how it is 'camp', or consider yourself a pseudo-intellectual'.
Pseud'; i don't have to explain my reasoning to you'.
by Klaatu's Nikto November 29, 2017
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