Words that aren't in someone's limited vocabulary, so they accuse you of trying to "sound intelligent" when what they really mean is, clearly you are more intelligent than I am, and I should pick up a dictionary.

Or any other book.
Joshua: "The thing with God is he never has proven himself. People attribute things to him, however science has just as much "proof" for evolution and non creationism."

Michael: "God definitely exists. I can feel his divine presence in my life. Stop using big words to sound intelligent."
by AshesAwesome November 17, 2009
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something ignorant people say to compliment another on their outstanding usage of SAT-esque words, while simultaneously degrading themselves for their lack of a modest vocabulary.
You're essay had a lot of big words on it, didn't get to read all of it, but i gave you an A anyways.
by tragic March 10, 2004
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Words used uncommonly during conversations. Used primarily by people with broader vocabulary to convey precise meaning efficiently and sometime by people to seem correct and sound intelligent but backfires when arguing with someone that has the same if not broader vocabulary.

Equations get simplified whenever possible so should sentences.
Example #1

Nationalist: They have the temerity to question the morality of our society when all we've done is give asylum. Every person that refuses to assimilate should be declared persona non grata.

Some troll: Dude just say "Fucking ingrates, just leave we don't want you."

Example #2

Reasonable guy: This bitch was caught red handed and a lot of evidence shows that she is a liar. She's a proven fraud without a doubt.

Fanatic fanboy/gay: Your propensity to assume higher moral ground by deliberate ad hominem will not get you far.

Reasonable guy: What the fuck are you talking about? Her very character is at stake here. You don't get to lie and cheat others without people criticizing your character. And stop it with the big words you don't sound smart at all, you're just an idiot who can't accept that you've been lied to.
by CosmoCoralles February 22, 2017
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A word used to make yourself sound smart. This usually bites you in the ass, however, and you sound like a dumbass trying to sound smart.
Guy 1: "So, I auscultated that you luxuriate in mudkips."

-entire universe collapses into itself and both die-
by LOL WUTTERSON, SR. May 12, 2009
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It’s just another way to say word as in that’s whats up or ok or bet or say less. Mostly used by out of touch white guys trying to relate and yet ironically mock younger generations.
Guy 1: Real tired of existing

Guy2: Big Word
by WhyanID March 14, 2019
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A sarcastic term commonly used to replace 'Dictionary' when somebody uses longer words than they normally would.
Ben : “This food is proper phenomenal.”
Kim : “You been reading up on a Big Word Book?”
by C L G February 14, 2020
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big nerdy words that nerds and geeks use to maake them look smarter than other people.
"What are you doing using your big school words? Just use normal people words and I'll understand what you're talking about." - Ricky, Trailer park boys
by Mr lahey July 17, 2006
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