to Cutler - verb - to quit in the middle of an important endeavor, activity or game where defeat is imminent with an imaginary injury, malaise or made up condition. Inspired by the antics of Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears QB, during the 2010 NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.
Yo homie, i was playing Madden against my boy and I cutlered and told him I had diarrhea...
by Johnny Billions January 23, 2011
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to quit in the middle of an important endeavor, activity or game where defeat is imminent with an imaginary injury, malaise or made up condition
You're buddy refuses to go out because his wife won't let him: "Don't go Cutler on me, man!"

- A person unable to finish his workload because he's too tired: "I don't want to cut the grass today. I think I'm gonna go Cutler on it."

Greg: "C'mon, man. Finish your beer."

Luke: "I can't. I'm gonna hurl."

Greg: "Don't go Cutler on me, man. Finish your beer."
by Mr. Blogtober January 25, 2011
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The Cutler family is a large pack of albino rats living on the West Coast of New Zealand. They eat nothing but garbage and used condoms found in the back of the pub where they live. Very moist rat orgy tho
Matey Boy, you look so sloppy I mistook you for a Cutler!
by dildy69 June 26, 2018
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cut´ler: Origin--Jay Cutler, NFL Chicago Bears quarterback 2009-present.

(verb): 1.) To wuss out, particularly in competitive situations; 2.) to give up or quit an important task, especially with an air of ambivalence or even arrogance; 3.) to feign an injury or disability to avoid an uncomfortable task.

(noun): 1.) A person who frequently cutlers; 2.) a person who abandons his friends or co-workers in a critical situation.

1.) “Are you going to finish this pie-eating contest, or are you going to cutler on me?"

2.) “He completely cutlered the presentation to the condo board; he handed it off to Mandy and the board is considering removing him from the building.” “Yeah, but the board is just as gutless as he is—they’ll never kick him out.”

3.) "Fred cutlered a hernia so he wouldn’t have to help his girlfriend move into her new apartment.” "Yeah, but she’s so hard up she’ll never dump him.”


1.) “I really expected that Gus would show to do my brain surgery, but he bailed on me and Mandy is going to do it instead.” “I told you not to rely on him—he’s been a cutler as long as I have known him.”

2.) “The walking dead are surrounding us, and Gus is the only one who knows how to work the eliminator, but he ran away.” “Yeah, the guy pulled a complete cutler; have Mandy do it.”
by undergarment February 8, 2011
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This is a guy who really cares about you and makes you feel beautiful inside and out. He does the cutest things ever and is the most kind guy that you will ever meet. He has flaws but no one cares because his amazing attitude shines through anyway. He is an amazing boyfriend that doesn't want a short relationship but a long and meaningful one.
Oh look it's Cutler with all those ladies!
by Unicat lover November 25, 2014
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Someone who failed, took an L, or embarrassed themselves
by Alex55C March 2, 2017
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Abbreviation of "couple of" - definition has expanded to refer to anything of more than one unit. Founded and promoted by The Chapman.
Now we know there is 10 people going to the party. Lets order a CUTLER taxis in a CUTLER hours time.
by Daniel "The Cutler" Chapman February 1, 2009
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