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Digital Audio Workstation made previously by Emagic (now by Apple).

If you're want to dive deeper into the music industry, you MUST use this software as the only tool for recording, mixing, and mastering, combine that with top-notch analogue gear and Grammy awards will come to you.
Even though Logic does not outperform Ableton Live in terms of popularity, look, so much Grammy winning artists and sound engineers using Logic for their music production

Write the better song, record, mix, and master it on Logic (and use flagship analogue gear during mixing and mastering), distribute it everywhere, and pray for you holding the Grammies
by Sir. B June 27, 2021
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see Oreo, whitewashed, act white, sell out, selling out, Sell-out, selling-out, uncle Tom, Californero, banana, acting white, race traitor, acting black, act black

Oh, you need an explanation? Londo Ireng is someone (or groups) who selling out to appease someone else
Oprah Winfrey is a Londo Ireng
by Sir. B September 04, 2021
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Something that makes you look stupid if you misuse and abuse it
Not all middle grounds are good,

Middle ground of bullshit and intellectual works is still bullshit
Middle ground of right and wrong is still wrong
by Sir. B August 29, 2021
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The portmanteau of Monumen Nasional (Indonesian National Monument), one of the most finest Indonesian landmark
Monas is a great landmark, however it's tainted by this shits:

1. Architectural design: it's too sexual and pornographic for public place (it resembles Lingga-Yoni/Dick and Pussy a.k.a. people fucking)
2. Deforestation which makes everyone uncomfortable
3. Abused for political or religious reasons, such as December 2nd a.k.a 212 or Christmas Celebration in Monas
4. Revitalisation hell
by Sir. B January 03, 2021
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A portmanteau of Meme and English, this type of English is a part of Internet slang and YOU SHOULDN'T SAY THAT IN REAL LIFE, ESPECIALLY DURING FORMAL SITUATIONS (use proper and plain English in real life, dude)
Memelish, Emojis/Smileys/Emoticons, Slang, Creoles/Pidgins, and any informal forms of English are the blights of proper and Plain English
by Sir. B March 03, 2021
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In K-Pop Roleplay and Twitter culture, Menfess stands for Mention and Confess, usually used to confide, rant, or even blackmailing other roleplayer
Lisa (not a real name) blackmailed Kim (not a real name, too) through a Menfess Twitter Account
by Sir. B August 05, 2019
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