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A sell-out Bataknese

Synonym: oreo, banana, selling out, sell out, californero, act white, acting white, Uncle Tom
Dalle used to be a label for Bataknese people who can't speak Bataknese and who don't know or don't give a single fuck about Bataknese culture. However, "dalle" is also mindlessly expanded to Bataknese people whose being critical and being objective to their own culture and/or Bataknese people who left either Christianity or Parmalim, whether it's converting to other religions (Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Ashkenazi Jew, Zoroastrianism, etc.) or become a non-believer (atheism, agnosticism, freethinker, nihilism)
by Sir. B September 2, 2022
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An Indonesian slang for canine meat, originated from North Sumatran slang
DNF Movement is trying to curb B1 consumption
by Sir. B March 20, 2022
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A word which means that you telling someone (or everyone) to leave you alone and you don't give a fuck

See: Suck my dick
by Sir. B December 28, 2022
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The process when additional data is written (burnt) out to optical disc, so they can played everywhere, however, you cannot edit any data inside the disc, let alone erasing the whole disc (CD±RW, DVD±RW, DVD±RAM, and BDRE are the exceptions, because DVD±RAM cannot be finalized, while RW-disc and BDRE can be erased, though you cannot edit the data after you finalize it---so you need to erase the whole disc and repeat the burning process if there's any mistakes)
This process also known as "Closing"
If you don't finalize the CD, this player cannot read it
by Sir. B June 22, 2021
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An acronym for Indian Native Dog

Indian native dog is an indigenous pariah dog from India, it should be as popular as Shiba Inu dog
Le Indian: Everybody, here's an Indian pariah dog, also known as INDog
Le Indonesian: Shut the fuck up you racist, disrespectful pajeet!
by Sir. B September 27, 2022
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378 and 419 are synonymous with scam, fraud, con, ripoff, dishonesty, lie, deception
by Sir. B February 7, 2022
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Attention seeking and excessive behaviour to mask someone's weaknesses or faults
A Keyboard Warrior is overcompensating their pathetic real life by being a dickhead on the Net
by Sir. B July 10, 2021
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