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An exclamation used in basketball to describe a particularly forceful or thunderous slam dunk.
Blake Griffin throws it down with authority, sending the crowd into a frenzy.
by cooberp February 9, 2012
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A person who writes books, articles, documents etc.
Bedanta Chakrabarty is my favorite YA author.
by humblebrendon November 20, 2019
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A position of power over people. Most people critize authority until they eventially come into power. Then they complain when they are critized. Hypocrites.
"It's okay to fight everyone else's authority...except mine!"
by Achluo May 27, 2004
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(n.) The writer, one who writes. The source.
I am the author of this definition

Charles Dickens was the author of "Oliver Twist"
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 7, 2004
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To grant the permission or power to.
To hold all the power, final word or say.
Only I am allowed on that track because I am authorized.

No one will go up that canyon without my authority.
by Authorized_s13 September 14, 2013
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