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A person who fakes an intellectual capacity they do not have in order to appear more appealing to others. Normally has the opposite effect. The cousin of the Pseudo-snob
Pseudo-intellectualism is the reason Idiots are running the country.
by docsriver September 10, 2014
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The practice of using sophisticated terms and/or concepts incorrectly or without thorough understanding of their intricate nuances and thus resulting in a flawed body of knowledge (i.e. erroneous beliefs). Typically people who partake in pseudo-intellectualism do so with authority and conviction as a result of some effort to understand the concepts and/or terms but lack the mental capacity to synthesize true knowledge from their efforts and thus typically do not know they are intellectually mistaken.
Yeah, that dude Phillip and I got into a political discussion and he started talking about how Sanders wants to subsidize everything and how Trump economic policies will increase the value of the dollar. He clearly doesn't even know what the word "subsidize" means, that there is a fine example of some pseudo-intellectualism.
by zerO_One March 22, 2017
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