When nobody understands what you're saying, so you say it again and again, in 4/4 time.
1. What he say?
2. Dunno. Wuz rap to me.
by archimedest August 10, 2006
An excuse for people to complain, and tell the world that their life is harder than everyone else's, even though they have million dollar homes and expensive cars to go home to.
See busta.
My name is (famous rapper),
I can talk about hurting women and brag about my very fabulous life, yet still get millions of fans, and still get paid.
by KcKayce June 14, 2005
Ok, wow, I know alot of you people are defensive about rap, but you don't have to slam the rockers about it, because you are just contradicting yourselves! Rap is a form of music, and so is Rock, they both sound very different, but sometimes you can't distingish the difference in some songs! Seriously, the only thing that bothers me about rap is how some of the artists just put a "lil" before a name, made a few songs and became superstars! Alot of rockers have mad it easy by going with a fad as well, but i can't think of any right off hand. There are alot of different forms of rap and rock, like punk rock, grunge rock, gangsta rap, hip-hop! So no, not all rockers are hillbilly rednecks, so you guys can back off, and not all rappers are killer niggers with gats and hoes, so you guys can back off! Just remember, Racism can go BOTH ways!!
1st guy: Rap is GREAT
2nd guy: Rap sucks, Rock RULES!!!
1st guy: wutever, all you idiots do is complain about stupid shit!
2nd guys: and all yoe retards do is talk about gats and hoes!
then I show up!
Me: You're both stupid, acknowledge both forms of music and quit raggin on eachother just because you both have wacked opinions of something!!
by Ponyboy OH YEAHH!!! January 7, 2006
The act of talking over a beat. The beat is usually around the same tempo as a rock song and is almost always computer generated, rarely is it spun from vinyl at a concert and even rarer is it produced by an actual percussion instrument. Rap started out as a form of lyrial poetry emphasizing the daily struggles of of life in the American urban society. Rap in the last 15 years, unfortunately, has broken down into a musical genre that has taken it's already limited creativity potential and dropped to an all time low level of ingenuity and creativity in its popular form. For example, Sean "Puffy" Combs and his partner in mediocracy "Mace" proved in the 90's that it is possible to make a success in Rap music without even being able to get past the 1st round of a local Rapping competition. A sad example of where Rap music is today is that many Rap Producers of this generation, such as Timbaland and others, produce music for a "Gangsta" Rapper on month and then Produce the same style of beats for Britney Spears the next month. Popular Rap however is not the only genre at fault. Rap, Rock and Pop music are all plagued with the dominance of Record Companies and the force feeding of music to the public as documented in the recent proven instances of Record Companies paying money to large radio station DJ's to play certain artists' records more than others and sometimes even saturating the listening audience with the same song over and over again which when they are drunk at the club suddenly comes on and everybody goes, "Hey I know this song!" And suddenly the beat and delivery that you knew was shit the first 5 times you heard it on the radio, suddenly relates to you because your drunk and it's familiar.
Puff Daddy sold a million records and even admitted he was a terrible rapper, which he was, further embarrassing the genre and lowering its credibility as a form of music.
by NaibArifMansour January 30, 2007
Rap is a music genre.Its hated by many people that believe in the stereo type that only blacks make rap and its always about shooting cops, drugs, money and sex. Which leads to another stereo type that says all blacks like rap...
1.Not all blacks like rap.
2.Rap's not only for Blacks.
3.Not all rap is about money drugs and sex...
4.Not all people who like rap are black
People who don't like rap, usually say
"Rap is crap that has artists like 50 Cent."
These are people who know nothing about rap, and judge it by what they see on TV.
If you REALLY know what rap is then you'd know 50 Cent sucks balls and isn't a good rapper at all.See the people who like rap, and actually understand rap know 50 Cent is not a good rapper.Rap is poetry, despite what any other person says. Rap is like poetry with attitude,poetry with a bit of gangsterism. Look at Mos Def. That is a real rapper. Somebody like 50 Cent or Cassidy has nothing on somebody like Mos Def.
Most people say that rap degrades women. I don't really think so, because people need to realize..
A bitch is a bitch.
A hoe is a hoe.
A whore is a whore.
And a lady is a lady.
Rap has something called a beat to it, something that sounds catchy and something you can dance to.For instance Tupac's California Love is something you can dance to. And anybody that tries to say thats not a good song...well isnt there a rock song that goes "I've got 2 tickets to paradise, pack your bags we'll leave tonight."
Some people say rap is senseless and doesnt talk about anything.
Wake up people thats what music is.
The ability to say express yourself, and it just so happens rap expresses itself more than others.And anybody who doesn't like rap, thats fine, but dont talk shit about it when you don't even know about it.
I've said enough above...
by The Intelligent August 16, 2005
Rap is the product of extremely unintelligent, musically inept idiots that have jumped onto a bandwagon of extremely unintelligent, musically inept idiot clones. An entire genre of morons who are insanely jealous of the REAL musicians of the world that can actually SING or play an INSTRUMENT.

These 'rappers', idiots having no identifiable skills or talents whatsoever, have gone so far as to invent their own unintelligible language, (having ran out of REAL words to rhyme with...) creating a need for a website such as this.

That's right, this website... dedicated to inventing definitions for the cRAP that comes out of their mouths.

These 'rappers' and their clones have invented their own retarded image of what they consider 'cool', which consists of wearing extremely baggy clothing in the most ignorant and laughable ways possible. Hats upside down and backwards or cocked to the side, pants pulled down around the ankles with boxers pulled up above their nipples.

Meanwhile... in mansions far far away...

White businessmen nationwide are making BILLIONS OF DOLLARS off of these idiots, ALLOWING these rap "artists" to believe that their crap is some sort of "rebellious musical uprising", when in reality, these idiots are blindly programming their fellow 'rapping population' that a car just isn't a car unless it has the most insanely expensive (ehem) pointlessly dumbass rims possible.

Oh, yeah, and if you spend all your rap money on retardedly huge gold rings and watches and chains, (bling) you'll be the super duper most awesomest pimptatious blackalicious cool rapper evar!!!

Idiots. Let's add up how dumb you are.

HOW HARD IS IT... to sit down and write a few paragraphs filled with rhyming words? They don't even have to be REAL WORDS! Idiots! To top it off, (as if it weren't already easy enough...) you don't even have to learn to play an instrument! There's NO SKILL INVOLVED! AT ALL! NONE! ZERO! ZILCH! NADA.

It's a freaking DRUM MACHINE for god's sake. You PUSH BUTTONS to make a beat. WOWWW! Neat! You're a REAL musician now, huh! Oh, hey... don't forget to steal parts of songs from real musicians! That way, you won't have to bother learning that wack six-stringed thingamabopper that dem white muh-fuckas play. Juz loop it an den iz all good, nawmsay'n.

Pretend like it's yours.

And let's not forget the incredible messages you convey with your mastery of the microphone's on/off switch: "Thong th-thong thong thong. Yago make me lose mah mind up in eah... up in eah! Yago make me act a FOOL up in eah."

Hey. Don't blame Yago. You do it to yourself. You ignorant bastards.

All of you. Each and every crap 'artist' out there.

Oh, and that's a swell walk you've got goin there. Did the dumb drip down into your leg, setting you off balance?
Big booty shakin in da hizzy dizzy fizzy fo shizzy.
40oz. drippin from my lips, glocks be fulla clipz.

Insert an "aww yeah" and "uhh huh" between every 6 and 8 words, allowing for the 'n-word' between every 3. I know, rap sucks.

And I simply cannot stress this enough... if at ANY POINT you have the opportunity to replace an 's' with a 'z', juz do it. "Izzle" be yo friend yawmsay'n?

by HarvesterOfSorrow December 27, 2005