An organization of thought from one source, to on final product.
I synthesized some metaphor out of just one thought
by Swagbotz October 15, 2010
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A musical instrument that generates sound using oscillators, LFO's, filters, sequencers, and other things of that nature. Most true synthesizers are controlled with three things, a keyboard of various sizes, pitch bend and modulation wheels, and a complex interface of knobs and switches. The Minimoog is a great example of this. But the main thing that makes synthesizers so unique and beautiful sounding is that they are not limited by the physical world to create sound. They are not a string instrument, wind instrument, or percussion instrument. Synthesizers are classified as quintephones. Which means they create sound informaticly. Synthesizers are very expensive but are a great thing to own and use!
The Minimoog is a synthesizer with three oscillators, the very first electronic music filter ever created, and therefore sounds incredibly fat and meaty.

Synthesizers are primarily used for electronic music and classic rock.
by JonesVoodoo December 28, 2011
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An electronic musical instrument that can generate it's own sounds. Not to be confused with sampler.
A MiniMoog is a synthesizer, a Yamaha Motif is a sampler.
by SynthBaron November 28, 2003
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An electronic music-creating device that directly alters electric current to shape sound waves. They are often controlled with piano-like keys but in reality they can be controlled with many interfaces such as a guitar, wind instrument, or even something you don't directly touch like a theramin. It is likely that in the future, most synthesizers won't be controlled by a traditional keyboard as it is quite archaic in it's nature.
Synthesizers are used mostly in electronic music.
by psx1337 December 11, 2006
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A huge nerd. One who never leaves his computer.
syn hasn't left his house in 3 years, he's trying to pull a Fatal1ty :D
by killasnap June 23, 2003
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When a person achieves counter-strike nirvana while at the same time being the cutest guy ever. See word UBER PANZER FUHRER.

synthesic wears tight pants.

by LockNTross June 23, 2003
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