euphemistic term for penis length
What's his shoe size?
9 wide!
by Roody August 17, 2005
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the size of your shoe cut in half =
the size of your dick
its not always accurate but usually is..
ok if your shoe size is 12

ur dick is 6 in. long
by kevizles January 6, 2008
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Someone who acts childish or immature. Most guys shoe size is around 9-12, so it is used when someone is acting of that age.
Greg: "yo did you hit that last night."
Mark: "Nah, that bitch was my fuckin shoe size."
Greg: "damn"
by signature January 8, 2008
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A way to indirectly ask a male the size of thier penis.
John: Hey, Tim, what's your shoe size?
Max: 10 1/2. Why?
John: Oh.. no reason.... >_>

Max is really saying his penis is 10 1/2 inches
by fthmdg April 8, 2006
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The insertion of a male's foot into a female's vagina while the girl is extremely trashed, whereas the man will then walk around using the female as a shoe
"Man, these shoes never seem to fit!!! I think I will take Mary's offer of giving her a custom shoe size."

"I had sex with you mom last night!!!"
"Oh yeah?!! well i gave that bitch a custom shoe size!"
by Purple Mist December 14, 2007
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''He has a big shoe size.''
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