n.; one employed by a nightlife venue, e.g. a bar, lounge, or club, whose purpose is to increase the hype of the venues (for nascent venues) and maximize the clientele (for more established venues) - that is, attract a wealthy, good-looking, and extroverted crowd - by distributing complimentary passes and contact information at places where such clientele may be found, such as outside a competing venue during closing; the promoter usually gets paid in proportion to the revenue earned during the night he/she was promoting, generally not as lucrative as a bartender, but better than a bouncer; over 80% of promoters are male
John: hey ladies, you all looking beautiful
Sarah: oh please!
Diane: you're just saying that cuz you're a promoter
John: while that may be true, come to my club and i'll take care of you

Kristen: let's go to club XtaC tonite, i know the head promoter there, he can get us in for free
Charlene: you are such a ho

Tyrone: damn bro, the life of a promoter is great, i get to spit game to all these hot bitches and invite them into VIP
Deepak: yeah? well the life of a bartender is better, i get to spit game to all these hot bitches AND get tipped
Security: ok kids, get out of the way, the owner coming thru

Kevin: ladies, come to the after-party
Ryan: wutup promoter, can I roll thru your after-party?
Kevin: sorry dude, no hard feelings - but I'm trying to get laid
by language_sentinel July 28, 2005
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An increase in pay, title, and responsibility for an employee within a company that should be based on his hard work - but occasionally is based on nepotism, office politics, or sycophantic behavior while on the job.
No one seemed surprised by Joey's promotion at work, as he is the boss' son.
by Loxi July 22, 2009
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What results when pornography is posted somewhere, often a message board, that is purportedly worksafe (e.g., The New York Times homepage).

Many might think that the appearance of such material on a workplace monitor would lead to firings or at least a stern talking-to. But in one of life's little mysteries, 4chan's /v/ discovered that most employees are actually promoted instead, perhaps in approval for their viewing such interesting internet content.
Poster One: I know this is a tech website, but I had to share these great photos of Jenna Jameson.
Poster Two: I just got promoted!

Naked shops of Jessica Alba in my work inbox? PROMOTIONS
by T_Andrews October 12, 2007
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A 4chan meme which started on /v/. Since /v/ is ostensibly a work-safe board, people assume it's completely safe to browse the board at work (hence the name). One day, someone posted a NSFW image, and one person posted "My boss walked by when I had the image open at work, and I got fired." Someone responded "I got promoted," implying he was promoted to replace the first guy. Soon after, when someone posted another work-unsafe image, one person responded "PROMOTIONS!"

People unfamiliar with the phrase's origins believed it to be wholly ironic, and thought it was so hilarious they repeated it whenever work-unsafe material finds its way onto the board, and then it became a true meme.

It should NOT be assumed that bosses like to see their workers watch porn at work.
Anonymous 1: *Posts porn on a work-safe board*
Anonymous 2: "PROMOTIONS!"
by tsochar May 5, 2009
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To raise higher, usually in a job status.
I got promoted from vice president to president.
by dref said right June 10, 2004
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To perpetuate or elevate the status of a person, concept, ideal, organization or the like. Etymology stems from a Middle-English amalgamation of Latin 'pro-' (for) and Middle English 'motan' (allow, must). To offer support for allowance to continue is to promote. The opposite of condemn and dissent.
Roberto wasn't aware that his mass-murder killing spree promoted strong Republican values until Rush Limbaugh offered him a co-hosting role on his talk show.
by GothYena September 29, 2005
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The act of trying to get people to come into a nightclub, either via advertisement or word of mouth. To assemble a concert or club event.
We passed out flyers on 6th street to promote the new trance club.
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
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