Outwardly, Supposedly. The most likely assumption
The ostensibly heterosexual man keeps threatening to shove things up his co-workers asses. The No Child Left Behind Act is ostensibly for improving education.
by Jimmer September 3, 2004
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appearing as such but not necessarily so
the second horse was the ostensible winner


by jairo arroyo September 9, 2007
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Some fake ass BS that a poseur fronts to pass themself off as more than just a tosser.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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an unfortunate and rather concrete layer of reality created as a coincidental byproduct of ambiguity in communication through an inadequately defined, poorly understood, and intentionally abused sub/urban vernacular.
on the ostensible layer, me & that ho are not together; however we still live together, have sex, and are engaged to be married next june.
by ms. communication August 24, 2008
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