A Television program that shows alot of people talking about things that will never be retained by the human brain long enough to make any kind of substantial differance in our lives whatsoever.
Kristy? Did you see Oprah's latest talk show?...it was bout...umm...oh shucks i had it there for a second...now it's gone.
by James March 06, 2004
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an opportunity for people to confess to millions of viewers what they would be ashamed to admit to their next-door neighbors.
i'm soo ashamed of cheating on my husband with my brother, i have to confess on the Jerry Springer show!
by fredo October 22, 2003
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An enterprise that created the fool.
Chuck D: Talk show created the fool.
Professor Griff: blah blah big screen tv... ...BET... I really wish I was cool.
by Danny Peterson February 02, 2004
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Daytime televison created to entertain the ignorant, uneducated, unemployed and unindustrious while the rest of us are out working for a living.
The talk show in America has become the soul cause of propagnda, lies and stupidity in our society.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com May 11, 2008
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Those fat, ugly, trailer trash women on talk shows, like "Jenny Jones", "Jerry Springer" and "Maury", always bitching about who's the father of their babies.
Another talk show cow bitches about her stupid problems.
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Those fat bitches on Jerry Springer who have secret love affairs with their sister/brother/mother/father.
Jerry: Why do you sleep with your sister you TALK SHOW COW!?
Cow: I lover her Jerry! We're gonna adopt a baby together. *starts making out with sister*
by Poopsy July 06, 2003
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A person who hosts a show or they would generally sit down with a guest and talk with them and make jokes that aren't funny and do a couple skits to try to entertain the audience.
Do you know Jimmy Fallon the talk show host?
by WhyIsAnythingAtAll December 02, 2019
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