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n.; portmanteau of "promoter poser"; one whose chief technique for attracting members of the opposite sex (or the same sex, for homosexuals) is to pretend to be nontrivially connected to the venue in which he/she is presently in; other popular pretends are owners, owners' relatives, managers, public relations, vice presidents, disc jokeys, and photographers; may be pronounced as either rhyming with "poser" or "loser"; c.p. promoter
John: ladies, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I just want to say how beautiful you are all looking and how honored we are to have you frequent our humble establishment
Allison: aw, you're so sweet. can I have your number so I can call you?
Arianna: don't bother, he's just a promoser, I saw him paying at the door

Owner: alright i dont want to see no fights tonight...
Security: yes sir
Owner: ...no vomiting...
Security: yes sir
Owner: ...no people sneaking into VIP, people not paying cover...
Security: yes sir
Owner: ...no fat bitches, ugly bitches, bitches who have wrinkles on their faces...
Security: yes sir
Owner: ...no hooking up on my dance floor, eating girls out on my bartop, bodily fluids on my couches...
Security: yes sir
Owner: ...or drunk people pissing in my drinks. but LEAST OF ALL, I don't want to see no promosers up in my joint
Security: yes sir, if we find we shall exterminate
by language_sentinel July 28, 2005
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n.; one employed by a nightlife venue, e.g. a bar, lounge, or club, whose purpose is to increase the hype of the venues (for nascent venues) and maximize the clientele (for more established venues) - that is, attract a wealthy, good-looking, and extroverted crowd - by distributing complimentary passes and contact information at places where such clientele may be found, such as outside a competing venue during closing; the promoter usually gets paid in proportion to the revenue earned during the night he/she was promoting, generally not as lucrative as a bartender, but better than a bouncer; over 80% of promoters are male
John: hey ladies, you all looking beautiful
Sarah: oh please!
Diane: you're just saying that cuz you're a promoter
John: while that may be true, come to my club and i'll take care of you

Kristen: let's go to club XtaC tonite, i know the head promoter there, he can get us in for free
Charlene: you are such a ho

Tyrone: damn bro, the life of a promoter is great, i get to spit game to all these hot bitches and invite them into VIP
Deepak: yeah? well the life of a bartender is better, i get to spit game to all these hot bitches AND get tipped
Security: ok kids, get out of the way, the owner coming thru

Kevin: ladies, come to the after-party
Ryan: wutup promoter, can I roll thru your after-party?
Kevin: sorry dude, no hard feelings - but I'm trying to get laid
by language_sentinel July 28, 2005
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one whose strategy for winning competition-based video games, most especially two-person fighting games (e.g., Soul Calibur), is to press as many buttons on the controller as fast as possible in order to launch unexpected attacks, make coincidental defenses, and unleash deadly combos whose existence was unknown to the player
A: I lost to a 'trolzerker!
B: Damn, you're horrible!
by language_sentinel June 22, 2005
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n.; a nightlife venue characterized by its unusual similarity to a social gathering at a typical American college fraternity house, namely:
1. very inexpensive and bad-tasting beer
2. racially homogeneous, i.e., mostly American white
3. predominant fashion for male patrons being t-shirt, jeans and sneakers (t-shirt substitutable with football jersey), for female patrons being tank-top, jeans, and flip-flops
4. predominant music played is rock and pop, with an occasional injection of hip-hop
5. any interior surfaces being finished with sticky beer stains
6. restrooms being sub-Bangladeshian in quality
7. altercations being common
8. any foreign language being interpreted as drunkenese
A: i just graduated gwu and i need to get my frat bar on
B: so roll out to foggy bottom or adams morgan

A: i just graduated nyu and i need to get my frat bar on
B: st marks or west village sure bets for you

A: i just graduated from bu and i need to get my frat bar on
B: then hit up brighton or lansdowne street

A: wheres my boys chang, choi, hoshimitsu, patel, gandhi, isfahani, gutierrez, and nunez at tonite?
B: definitely not at no frat bar
A: true
by language_sentinel July 28, 2005
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adj.; a euphemism for flaming, used because of both its phonetic resemblance and because of its connotation of sophistication
A: that guy is flaming yo
B: that guy is filet mignon
by language_sentinel August 18, 2005
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