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Someone who robs pharmacies to steal prespcription drugs for later resale on the black market.
"I went drugstore cowboy on that clinic, straight riskin' my life fo them pillz dog!"
by DoktorJ December 16, 2005
The feeling of moral and physical superiority one derives from riding a bicycle instead of driving a car.
Justin felt so good about himself from riding his bike to work all week, he delivered an obnoxious sermon to his co-workers about refusing to contribute to the destruction of the environment and resource wars. And that was when he realized he had bicycle egotism.
by DoktorJ February 19, 2014
1. A condom or other contraceptive
2. A gun, knife, or other weapon
3. A form of extortion whereupon the victim agrees to pay his 'protector' not to beat or otherwise harm him. Old school organized crime scam.
4. Clemency from authorities via political or other connections.
1. Before you bang that nasty ho you better have protection.
2. I ain't goin out after dark in this hood without protection.
3. Vinnie hit up the shopkeep for his protection money.
4. "Fuck you, man. I can sell this crack all I want. I got protection."
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
Verbal version of 'raising the roof'
"I just scored a kilo of that pure. Pop pop!" (Raises roof)
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
When someone tries to put an optimistic spin on an unfotmunate situation, but has a sarcastic intent, and ends up subtly coming off as an asshole.
"It's cool that you have no car like everyone else," said Lucas, "now you can have fun riding your bike everywhere." In a show of asshole optimism.
by DoktorJ February 28, 2014
AIDS Grenade (noun): When you start hanging out with a chick who has AIDS, just so that everyone will think you close, and then when your enemies come out of the woodwork to bang her, they get AIDS.
Dude: 'Does Jim really bang that junkie chick who's always hanging around?'

Bro: 'Naw, she's an AIDS Grenade.'
by DoktorJ November 25, 2014
Slut that a gentleman bangs between wives.
You know that high class dude ain't gonna keep bangin' that stank ho forever. She's just a midwife.
by DoktorJ October 26, 2014