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Noun. An intentional, humorous misspelling of idiot.

1. One who claims ownership/ allegiance/ fondness for two or more entities popularly considered irreconcilable and/or arch-enemies. Originates from an mspaint comic from 4chan's /v/ which pokes fun of cultural jingoism in console wars. It reads:

Stickman 2, with Sony PSP: But I have both already
S1: (eyes turn red) LOL NO YOU DONT YOU IDORT
S2: (holds up DS in addition to PSP)
S1: (head explodes)

(NB. While the third line of this comic is frequently used to express disbelief of another's "dual loyalty," it is often misquoted as "LOL NO YOU DONT IDORT." Properly, there should be another "YOU" before "IDORT.")

2. Also sometimes used to refer to the red-eyed stickman character himself, rather paradoxically (since his friend is the one who is the "idort").
1. -I used to just buy Coke, but recently I've become an idort and started drinking Pepsi, too.

-Bob: I like both the Yankees and the Red Sox.
Rob: lol no you dont you idort.

2. -I'm going to use actual rubies for the eyes of my life-sized Idort statue.
by T_Andrews October 5, 2007
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1. The character Marquis Halim Ondore IV in the video game Final Fantasy XII. He spread several falsehoods in the game, prompting a party member to exclaim, "Don't believe Ondore's lies!" Soon 4chan's /v/ discovered that Ondore in fact tells nothing BUT lies.

2. Has come to mean any liar in general.

Whether encountering "the" Ondore or any random ondore: DO NOT BELIEVE HIS LIES.
I think I'm going to buy that Phoenix Wright game. Ondore said it was terrible, so it must be great.

My girlfriend says she's not cheating on me, but she's something of an ondore, so I don't believe her.
by T_Andrews October 12, 2007
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An exceptionally long white cat originating from 4chan's /b/. See also Tacgnol.

As a meme, has given birth to the phenomenon of doubling adjectives for variety or emphasis.

-Longcat is looooooong.

-John: What did you think of Gigli?
Sean: Bad movie is bad.

-I've been reading Einstein's papers, and boy. Smart man was smart.

-(during the end of Star Wars Episode 3)
by T_Andrews October 5, 2007
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What results when pornography is posted somewhere, often a message board, that is purportedly worksafe (e.g., The New York Times homepage).

Many might think that the appearance of such material on a workplace monitor would lead to firings or at least a stern talking-to. But in one of life's little mysteries, 4chan's /v/ discovered that most employees are actually promoted instead, perhaps in approval for their viewing such interesting internet content.
Poster One: I know this is a tech website, but I had to share these great photos of Jenna Jameson.
Poster Two: I just got promoted!

Naked shops of Jessica Alba in my work inbox? PROMOTIONS
by T_Andrews October 12, 2007
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