The lowest rung on the internet ladder, a Dissent Peddler is someone who plants seeds of destruction among existing internet communities because they stand to benefit from undermining existing leadership hierarchies. They will lie, cheat, manipulate and skew data and make false proclamations that "sound plausible" as best they are able in an effort to put themselves in power. These people are not to be trusted and often work together in small cells, like terrorists, to accomplish their agenda.
Eric and Barbie were the dissent peddlers of the overthrow operation on that forum. They knew by undermining the leaders with lies, they stood to benefit tremendously.
by TACOSCANYoN July 18, 2016
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The YouTube channel where you wear a suit coat with no pants.
Did you see auspicious dissent look up his name in the thesaurus?
by Citadel June 3, 2021
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1. The act of a any form of governing body or leader exercising punishment and/or prosecution towards an individual seeking or demonstrating protest of that governing body in any way, regardless of legality.

2. When any form of governing body or leader utilizes, mobilizes, and/or enables militant and/or police forces to detain and imprison citizen(s) regardless of applicable constitutional rights or pursuit of trial as a direct or indirect result of citizen(s) exercising any form of protest against governing rules and/or laws, regardless of how oppressive or not those rules and/or laws are.

3. The process that any form of governing body or leader takes in order to enact any and all laws needed to detain and imprison civilian(s) for the need of placating the perceiving general public and using influence to create the idea that it is permissible to do so even though it may override constitutional rights. (However, legal action is not required.)
Bob: The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a form of criminalized dissent being pursued by the United States government.

John: No way!

Bob: Way.
by Jane Moon November 13, 2012
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An online network thats sole purpose is to show people the power of freewill and to never hold back.

Police and teachers are the main focus of the group.

It is commonly spelt as an acrynomn, GOD.
GOD (gangs of dissent) is getting bigger and bigger!
by I'm Shake. January 28, 2006
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1. A cause that is so unpopular that it is solely driven by money, fake news media, or rogue intelligence agencies.

2. When an argument has become so lost that you create an entirely new and false narrative to gaslight the public.
Did you see the manufactured dissent at that congressional hearing on the Supreme Court? There were cash payments being made to the protestors!
by Bakkman September 5, 2018
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1. A person who breaks away and stands out from the crowd
2. Someone who has 0 respect for Authority
3. Someone who distrusts the Media and the Government
4. Truth Seeker
5. An excellent Poem by Warrior-Poet VivaChe
When the reporter decided to grow balls and ask the President some REAL questions, he showed everyone that he was a Weapon of Mass Dissent, not just some pansy-ass.
by Morpheus July 31, 2004
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