An apple polishing type; A fake individual; Two faced.

Seeks to flatter others expecting a service in return.
Earl walks into the office just as his boss blows an impetuous, poisonous, pestilent fart capable of desintegrating one's body, mind, and soul.
Earl: "Hey boss! It smells wonderful in here today! By the way, have you given any thought to that raise I asked you last year?"

If Earl was not a sycophantic bastard, he would have said:
Earl: " What the Fuck! Somebody fuck me drunk in the middle of a snowstorm! I can't believe how awful it smells in here boss! Did you have carcass for breakfast?
by puffyjacket October 26, 2007
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This psychological self-assessment is the result of teaching that pride the deadly sin can copulate with self-esteem the evil twin and give birth to something good.

Looking in the mirror and finding nothing needs improvement because of a lacking ability to do "CRITICAL INTROSPECTION"

society as a whole believes that it takes a village to raise a child, but an intolerant, self-righteous, virtue signaling, Narcissistic village idiot is all the village has ever been able to raise up. we call them politically activated progressive social justice warriors. AKA domestic terrorist of the private population.
sycophantic introspection has produced another narcissistic village idiot, if only they had learned CRITICAL INTROSPECTION.
by Spiritual-Master January 12, 2022
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