An exclamation or statement expressing the sentiment that one should never become so grown-up that one loses the ability to be childish.

Longer expressions that mean the same thing:
"Never get so battle-fatigued that you can't enjoy your shore-leave."
"Never work so hard to provide for your kids that you lose the ability to play with them."

Origin: In the children's book Wayside School is Falling Down, a boy named Calvin gets a tattoo of a potato on his ankle because "he likes potatoes." This expression is a reminder to always keep some of that simple innocence in your heart.
Barney: "Wanna go play laser tag?"
Ted: "Why on earth would I want to do that?"
Barney: "Potato!"

Guy: "Want to come over?"
Girl: "What would we be doing?"
Guy: "I'll give you a hint: it involves pillows and sheets. ;)"
Girl: "OMG we're gonna build a fort?!"
Guy: "..."
Girl: "Potato!"
by EdCasey143 October 21, 2012
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The almighty ruler of everything, eating it will only cause it to build a city inside your body, except without the superpowers like fry gained when he had worms.
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
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something idiots confuse with a tomato.
yummmm, what was in that salsa? Potato?
by Laura July 04, 2003
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An individual who is boring or bland; lacking special distinction.
Suzy: "So what's the new boyfriend like?"
Sally: "He's a potato."
Suzy: "A potato?"
Sally: "Yah, like if I was hungry and went and cooked a potato and ate it, it's good, it's a potato, but it's just a potato. He needs some chives or sour cream, or a motorbike."
by Kendra Hobbs December 13, 2005
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