noun: potato; plural noun: potatoes

1. A boring person. Someone who rides your coattails in an attempt to seem attractive. Typically seen taking gym selfies and bathroom pics.

2. Probably also goes by the first name ‘Todd’.

3. A definite 'swipe left' on Tinder.

Key word: boring, lame, selfie, gym, fail, douche, derp, todd, tinder, dating, relationships, texting, bad, conversation.
He brought nothing to the conversation; I was all the fixings, he was just a potato.
by saxonbojaxon September 15, 2016
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A person who represents the basic characteristics of a potato; small, round, and bland.
"That fat little potato is boring the hell out of me."

"Look at that girl she is such a potato."
by Mieshamoo February 01, 2012
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Obviously the vegetable embodiment of our Lord. It's blessing first graced South America but eventually found it's people in the realm of Ireland. Like the Holy Spirit, the potato may become angry and envoke plagues (i.e. Potato Famine). The holiness of this crop is the reason that upon ingestion the consumer feels jubilant. The crop has also been known to cure disease.
"How did you get rid of your herpes?"
"I ate a potato"
by shtfacedbeaver April 03, 2007
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A term used to refer to a new page of the webcomic Homestuck on said webcomic's forums in place of the word 'update', to signify that the page has already been up for some time, so that people do not attempt to check for a new page when they have already seen it.
Oh man, you guys, I laughed so hard at the newest potato.
by SirJorb December 29, 2011
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An exclamation or statement expressing the sentiment that one should never become so grown-up that one loses the ability to be childish.

Longer expressions that mean the same thing:
"Never get so battle-fatigued that you can't enjoy your shore-leave."
"Never work so hard to provide for your kids that you lose the ability to play with them."

Origin: In the children's book Wayside School is Falling Down, a boy named Calvin gets a tattoo of a potato on his ankle because "he likes potatoes." This expression is a reminder to always keep some of that simple innocence in your heart.
Barney: "Wanna go play laser tag?"
Ted: "Why on earth would I want to do that?"
Barney: "Potato!"

Guy: "Want to come over?"
Girl: "What would we be doing?"
Guy: "I'll give you a hint: it involves pillows and sheets. ;)"
Girl: "OMG we're gonna build a fort?!"
Guy: "..."
Girl: "Potato!"
by EdCasey143 October 21, 2012
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The almighty ruler of everything, eating it will only cause it to build a city inside your body, except without the superpowers like fry gained when he had worms.
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
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Definition 1:

A potato is a starchy vegetable high in carbohydrates which can be either boiled, mashed or used to compliment a meal

Definition 2:

The code word used for initiate a gang rape session.
Definition 1:

Mum: Cooking dinner

Son: Can I have an extra potato?

Definition 2:

Person 1: POTATO on Zac!!!
Zac: Oh no
by LegendJorjie January 29, 2017
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