A man's bulge in his pants. A word generally used incognito between friends whilst in public, after noticing a rather large (or small) bulge.
"Wow...he has a big potato".
"Omg, that guy has no potato at all".
by Muckked Up January 03, 2014
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deliciously tasty spud
dude 1 : hey what's that?
dude 2 : a potato
dude 1 : AWESOME
by emich December 29, 2009
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According to Youtubers, something you can take a picture with.
Quick! Take a picture of me!

Augh, I forgot the potato!
by Red Le November 13, 2011
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Jess: Bro is dat a potato
Cooper: Bloody oath it is m8
by Oldm8 August 19, 2015
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noun: potato; plural noun: potatoes

1. A boring person. Someone who rides your coattails in an attempt to seem attractive. Typically seen taking gym selfies and bathroom pics.

2. Probably also goes by the first name ‘Todd’.

3. A definite 'swipe left' on Tinder.

Key word: boring, lame, selfie, gym, fail, douche, derp, todd, tinder, dating, relationships, texting, bad, conversation.
He brought nothing to the conversation; I was all the fixings, he was just a potato.
by saxonbojaxon September 15, 2016
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The foolish believers of fake news commonly found on the internet, specifically social media. These potato’s or Taters can be found liking, sharing, and commenting on the most obvious of made up posts.

Originated on America’s Last Line of Defense social media group.
<someone posts verifiably fake made up content>

1: thank you for getting truth out there and fighting those neocommies

2: I love the smell of potato in the morning
by Whynotyo? February 26, 2019
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