It's like bullshit, but with more attitude.
Jack: I told the teacher my dog ate my homework, but he knew it was horse shit.
by RumbleRoar June 20, 2012
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being worse then bull shit.
Situation: Dealer pulls a 21 when you have a 20.

Response: "This is horse shit!"
by Fatboy October 31, 2003
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'hors shit'- noun (1) Horse manure. (2) Aggressive or malicious untruth or deception. origin: When substituted for cow manure as a soil additive, horse manure will prevent the growth of agricultural goods.
"You're telling that that truck is worth $10,000 - Horse Shit!
by Professor K February 13, 2004
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lies; pompous natterings
Don't give me any of your horse shit about ephedra being good for you!
by cornholio October 15, 2003
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a loud unexplained,random act intended to shock and disturbance others.
aaron yelled horse shit after getting caught masturbating.
by bustanutface November 2, 2009
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an expression of disappointment and disbelief. Also, it is good for depressing moments or awkward silences.
by KJ Special K January 12, 2011
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