A man's bulge in his pants. A word generally used incognito between friends whilst in public, after noticing a rather large (or small) bulge.
"Wow...he has a big potato".
"Omg, that guy has no potato at all".
by Muckked Up January 03, 2014
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The foolish believers of fake news commonly found on the internet, specifically social media. These potato’s or Taters can be found liking, sharing, and commenting on the most obvious of made up posts.

Originated on America’s Last Line of Defense social media group.
<someone posts verifiably fake made up content>

1: thank you for getting truth out there and fighting those neocommies

2: I love the smell of potato in the morning
by Whynotyo? February 26, 2019
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"Do you swear a lot?" - "No. I'm a potato"
"Are you popular?" - "No I'm too much of a potato"
by Grammar Potato July 18, 2017
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An oval-shaped object used in physics diagrams to represent an arbitrary massive continuum undergoing rigid-body motion. Called such because often the drawn object resembles a potato
In Figure 1, for any two points A and B located on the potato, the relative position of point B with respect to point A is given by the vector (X_B - X_A) in the reference configuration and equivalently by the vector (X'_B - X'_A) in the moving configuration. The rigid body assumption states that the only changes in configuration the potato is allowed to undergo are ones in which the magnitude of the relative position vector (X'_B - X'_A) stays the same over the course of the transformation.
by BsdVrt March 19, 2019
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What an insane person thinks their species is
Person 1-- I'M A POTATO!!!!!!
Person 2--(behind person 1's back) he is a total wacko
by Dr. JonnyBaboon January 09, 2018
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