Based on random or merely personal preference
Both computers cost the same and had the same features, so in the end I made an arbitrary decision about which to buy.
by LarstaiT November 11, 2003
A word that is overused by Maths lecturers.
"That is an arbitrary antelope!!"
"What an arbitrary aston martin"
by A. Physicist December 3, 2011
They shoved a stick up their bums and made it up.
The breed standards for Dalmations are completely arbitrary. Who the frick cares if the spots touch each other or not?
by letmenot211 November 10, 2010
A word overused by chemistry professors.
Your arbitrary grades are arbitrarily assigned.
by SickKittytheCat February 2, 2020
Definitions on urban dictionary. Things decided by anonymous people and presented as fact
by OfCourse January 22, 2015