1. Idiotic, stupid, not too clever.
2. Insane, crazy.
"I hear your cousin crashed his car again."
"Yeah, the guy's totally fucked in the head."
by Jenesis September 9, 2004
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An phrase that is uttered when a person is genuinely surprised. The person is likely to be an older individual, who sees how things seem to get more and more fucked up around him with each new day. The expression has little or no connection with another widely used one 'fuck my skull'
A:Fuck my balding head!The editors are at it again!
B:I agree.Fuck my sister!
by drone777 December 12, 2013
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Suppose you are in a Chinese restaurant.
"Which dish do you prefer?"
"fuck the duck's head until it's exploded."
by Mr. ssb July 17, 2020
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When you wake up and your head hurts beyond understanding and you can not go back to sleep yet you also can not function being awake.
Alarm set for 9:00am, you wake up at 7:30am and your head is throbbing everywhere. You look at the clock and roll to one side but are in so much pain you say, fuck my head. You think about getting up but it hurts to much you lay down and you can not do anything.
by PanicJack January 5, 2012
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what most politicians have but do not use
My area MP lost his fucking head before he even got elected.
by jumakiss_ December 1, 2017
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Fuck-head is a person who acts like they have very little sense. Someone who acts childish.
She's so drunk, she flashed the entire crowd. What a fuck-head!
by Jesa_gurl January 8, 2006
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