According to Youtubers, something you can take a picture with.
Quick! Take a picture of me!

Augh, I forgot the potato!
by Red Le November 13, 2011
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deliciously tasty spud
dude 1 : hey what's that?
dude 2 : a potato
dude 1 : AWESOME
by emich December 29, 2010
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- big, fat, unmoving object

- to lounge around and do nothing
"I feel like a potato"
"I have been potatoing this entire quarantine"
by Bobofats July 14, 2020
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The best thing on the face of the earth. The potato brought us French fries, Mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, and so much more!
Man, that's one awesome potato
by DaPotato1 March 17, 2016
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A person who represents the basic characteristics of a potato; small, round, and bland.
"That fat little potato is boring the hell out of me."

"Look at that girl she is such a potato."
by Mieshamoo February 2, 2012
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Obviously the vegetable embodiment of our Lord. It's blessing first graced South America but eventually found it's people in the realm of Ireland. Like the Holy Spirit, the potato may become angry and envoke plagues (i.e. Potato Famine). The holiness of this crop is the reason that upon ingestion the consumer feels jubilant. The crop has also been known to cure disease.
"How did you get rid of your herpes?"
"I ate a potato"
by shtfacedbeaver April 3, 2007
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