A poop-toot. Usually occurs when someone is feeling gassy and bloated and tries to push a little fart out to relieve some pressure. The end result is a runny, light brown mess soaking up your underpants.

Bob: I gotta go home quick.
Jen: Why's that?
Bob: I just pooted...
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when your hittin it from the back and she shits herself
damn girl you pooted
by givemehead5 November 22, 2019
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To shit in your pants when you only meant to fart.
Damn!! I need to go home and change my drawers!!
I just pooted!
Yeah, I can smell it from back here motherfucker!!
by Mo Jasper November 3, 2003
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you may have seen this on a cartoon network commercial, its a term used to describe a fart that is loud and obnoxious, like the sound that the character is making on the commercial
Guy1: hey guess what?

Guy2: what now?!?

Guy1: I pooted....
by DMJeff24 December 10, 2006
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baked, stoned, under the influence of marijuana, etc
Aw sheeeeet daw, we is gon get straight pooted after my lil sista's birthday party
by Ianis June 10, 2006
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The state of being trashed beyond anything you can imagine. You are in another world, where everything and every place has become a sandbox in which you wish to play. You will not remember names.. faces... or anything for that matter.; A blacked out state in which you do not plan to function in what society may consider normal, or even inebriated. You do as you please without conscience, morals, or anything coherent for that matter.
I am so pooted right now, please get a camera and watch me make love to this cactus; Dude is that your sister? I'm so pooted I'm going to pick her up from middle school tomorrow and she is going to have my kid in 9 months.; Robbie was so pooted last night he made out with your girlfriend, twice, and then those twins from puerto rico.
by TheOnlyErik October 12, 2007
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Player 1: yo go grab the poot poot and head to C
player 2: Poot poot!
by mahaugher March 28, 2010
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