His story wasn't coherent; he rambeled on about different things that had nothign to do with eachother.
by Conor O August 4, 2003
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Real or of high quality.
The opposite of trash.
"The place was packed with women. And I ain't talkin' bout no stank-hoes neither. The bitches was coherent."

"I'm tellin' you man, this kush is the real deal. Shit's coherent."
by Lick Lick Lick My Balls! October 10, 2017
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The state of mind that is shmamburgered but functional enough to not have somebody sneak into your tent and shit in your pants !! Rootanany 2013
by Habitual line steppers August 4, 2013
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A state of mind when one is mentally aware of the communication amongst oneself, nevertheless, unable to physically produce a verbal response, due to a feeling similar to exhaustion, interfering with the desire to communicate.
Coherent Unresponsive Verbal Isolation (CUVI): Similar feeling like being stoned or in a coma, yet you are 100% sober, you just don't want to, and can't verbally respond. Like being stuck.
You're coherent of your surroundings, yet you are verbally unresponsive and isolated to others trying to communicate with you. (CUVI)
by SSBalloon February 4, 2012
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Being aware enough of one’s own environment to apply enough grit and their shit to survive.
He’s got just enough textural coherence to survive this rough environment.
by Survival March 20, 2022
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