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One's moral sense of what is right or wrong, and especially how it affects one's behavior. One's moral compass.
However much that I wanted to vegetate and indulge myself while the cleaners cleaned my house, my conscience tugged at my mind, telling me to keep busy and see if they needed anything.

A small minority of people are born without a conscience and a similar number of people never develop one. Psychopaths are those born without a conscience and most sociopaths are not given a chance to develop theirs. And hence they are not bothered or remorseful about their antisocial behavior.
by Lorelili July 27, 2011
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that evil part of your brain that tells you not to have fun because of "consequences". It should quickly be replaced with a proscience.
damn... I would go to that part with hot chicks and not study for my final exam, but I have conscience.
by the Kiddinator March 17, 2005
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It is collection of dissociated memories of past mental failures. Each entry is created when the mind becomes overwhelmed and is unable to resolve a query satisfactorily.
An attack of conscience stopped me from having my way with her, as my desires wanted to, but my experience told me that to rush would likely lead to failure.
by Dwango1 July 17, 2009
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1. Something that can get in the way of copious amounts debauchery and general fun. It can also prevent you from doing even moderately moral activities.

2. Something that can be easily turned off with some xanax.
1. Damn I was going to pick up that hot sophomore, go to the party, roll then make out with t3h wimmenz but my conscience instantly projected a picture of my mom calling me a druggie pedophile and threatening to take everything I own away.

2. I need to cheat on this test because I don't give a shit about spanish and the American school system doesn't test for critical think instead of bullshit languages and courses I'll never use (or want to for the matter) in my set in stone career...let me go ahead and just turn that conscience off *pops an entire xanax bar*
by CTU_FieldAgent200 January 08, 2011
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A sense of right and wrong, something neocons right-wing republicans, and other garden variety sociopaths do not have.
You have to check your conscience at the door to work for the White House nowadays, simply because the Bush administration doesn't have one.
by Stop the pendulum January 21, 2006
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Having a mind. The senses touch, smell, vision, taste, hearing. Being able to make reality whatever you percieve it to be. Perception. Knowing where you are and what you are doing.
Humans about 1 million years ago did not have a conscience.
by Austin Westervelt November 09, 2006
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The little voice in the back of your head that tells you somebody is watching.
Little Billy decided not to stroke his cash and prizes that night because, according to his conscience, Mommy was peeking in through the door.
by LRS February 21, 2007
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