A green plant that is shy. If you attemp to hug it you'll have tons of needles in you, they're extremely dangerous and overprotective of their water.
That cactus shanked me
by SUMFURRYTHING June 26, 2016
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A phylum of plants that has evolved to live in arid conditions.

If you're lost in a desert with nothing to drink, there can be up to a pint of water inside a cactus.
by robcraine November 23, 2005
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has very sharp hairs on her leg like a cactus
omg look at her legs, shes a cactus
by janooooooooo August 21, 2013
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Peyote, San Pedro, or other Mescaline-containing psychoactive cacti.
"I have some cactus. Let's trip"
by junkyman420 March 13, 2004
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