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Picture the the office toilets - your poopal is the guy/girl you can hear sitting in next toilet partition shitting like you. He/she can clearly hear that you are pooing, and you can hear them poo. Poopals very rarely meet in person after pooing, the last one usually waits till long after the first one has finished. Poopals are often unwanted as they ruin the moment of peace and quiet reflection you had going on until he/she arrived.
"Geesh was my poopal splashing when his turds hit the water"
by DenStarke May 25, 2007
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When someone has poo that smells or is the same size or color as your own.
Devin: "James, dude I just took the most massive shit."
James: "really?!? How big and what was the smell like?"
Devin: "it was about the size of a baby's arm and smelled like an old persons home."
James."No way bro that sounds exactly like mine!"
*both high five*
(Devin and James) "Poopals!"
by Wabbawabbdubdub September 05, 2017
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