To give up on something: simply leave a situation behind, ignoring it, and going away to start new ones.
Person #1: I hear the Watson's are moving away so they don't have to cut down their trees for the town.
Person #2: No, I'm pretty sure they are just running away.
by Ribi666 April 3, 2018
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Tactic employed by King Arthur and his knights of the round table in their quest for the wordHoly Grail/word.
Run away! Run away!
by uclafalcon August 4, 2003
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The alternate to suicide. It's a better option in almost all points considered.
Guy 1: My Life Sucks
Guy 2: Yeah, So Does Mine
Guy 1: No I mean it really sucks
Goth Girl: Then You Should Think About Suicide, Like I Have
Guy 1: No
Guy 2: Yeah, Shut Up Bitch & Suck
Guy 1: So What Should I Do?
Guy 2: Hop On A Greyhound, Run Away
by Brent S September 1, 2006
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The thing you do when you want to make hasty getaway from Lord Pink Floyd's channel. Made Infamous by "Iriish" and "Jackontheattack."
lord_pink_floyd: Alright we have 10 votes for white, and 10 for black
(Iriish has joined the channel)
Iriish: I choose white.
Scubasteve23: What the heck, how does he even..
Zookeeper87: You got some 'splaining to do, Mr. Iriish
Iriish: Oh no..
Iriish: RUN AWAY!
(Iriish has left the channel)
by The Ittle August 16, 2011
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Something women do when you start winning the argument.
Logic Attack *she runs
Fact Attack *she runs
Females cant win in a man's world (logic ,criticism, accountability), so they run away to not face the consequences of being wrong.
Not so tough now are ya?
by Phantom649 June 3, 2019
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The correct way to express the term"fight or flight," because human beings do not literally fly.
The fact that flight rhymes with fight may be why the term "fight or flight" is used. As clever and useful as it is, it is not factual. Thus,"fight or run away" might be a better way to express that unique state.
by but for February 5, 2018
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The Run Away Game, also knows as R.A.G for short, is when two people take a set of anal beeds and insert exactly half the beads into each person’s anus. Each person then stands Ass to Ass and clinches his or hers anus muscles as tight as they can.

When the word is given the two participants Run Away from each other attempting to retain more of the anal beads than the other.

The participant left with a tail of anal beads WINS !
"Hey would you like to go to Mesquite Nevada and play the Run Away Game and see who wins the tial".
by Jared MCSO January 10, 2013
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