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A name given to a man that will always have your back. He is kind, understanding, generous, strong, loving, reliable, funny, handsome, considerate, and hardworking. He is easy to fall in love with, and a complete sweetheart. He will make you laugh when you need it most, and won't let you down.
Devin is the kind of guy that you can't get out of your head.
by ThatLeftFielder November 23, 2014
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A gentleman of the highest class. Who is handsome, and knows how to have fun. With a personality brighter than any star. He respects anyone and everyone. Devin is an awe-inspiring pianist, composer, writer and reader. At times he can be shy, and doesn't know how perfectly imperfect he is. He's like a good book, you can't ever get him out of your head.
Devin you are charming and wonderful. I hope one day you will realize how truly true that is.
by glimmeray August 18, 2011
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proper noun: Literally meaning poet, the name Devin can be used for both girls or boys.
In men, the name Devin evokes images of a sweet, caring gentleman, someone not afraid to stand up for you, but who also listens and remembers things you tell him. He's extremely attractive, with his incredible dark hair, his big brown eyes, and the smile that makes sentences trail off. A great friend, a great person, and beautiful through and through. He lives up to his name, as almost everything he says and writes sounds or reads like poetry.
In women, the name Devin refers to someone also sweet and caring, but independent and proud. She's beautiful, she's smiley, and she's full of ideas. Her creative side would put most to shame. She can write, she can draw, and she's even good with computers.
V: I wish Devin was my boyfriend, he's so charming.

M: Devin is so pretty... I wish she would notice me.
by SomeSwagOrSomething April 29, 2013
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Devin is a man that is really educated, has a good head on his shoulders, When you see a Devin walking by don't pass him up or look a way go talk to him cause he is really friendly and very handsome, His sexuality will draw you to him, He is very Musclelin,Strong,Charismatic,Good looking,has your back type of dude, Funny, Intelligent, Overall just a good man that will never let you down and always will be around for you know matter what.
Devin will always tell you the truth even when it hurts.
Devin is a trustful man and will always be true to you no matter what.
by Lovemusic1 June 01, 2010
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A very attractive guy that seems great when you first meet him. Once you get to know him you'll be ripping your hair out! He's lovable and hateable all at once. He's a GREAT KISSER. Knows how to please you. You hate to upset him but love to get back at him. Your relationship with him will be bi polar but every minute with him you'll love because he's just one of those guys you love to hate. His flawless smile and big brown eyes is what keeps you from arguing. Thank god for Devin.

Girl 1; Your dating Devin??
Girl 2; Yeah..
Girl 1; Your so lucky!
Girl 2; Pretty much
by justifymythug January 25, 2012
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The definition of perfection. He can be very shy and lonesome. Tends to keep to himself generally to keep from getting hurt. He's got trust issues so you'll have to prove yourself.
He's a bit insane kind of crazy and overall a total psychopath, once he let's you get to know him you realize dealing with all of that is totally worth it. After getting to know him you realize you've been missing HIM all your life, and that as bad as you don't want him you need him. He is a guy that will show up at the best but most inconvenient time of your life. You'll soon realize that he could possibly be the one, just don't let him be the one that got away. He'll stick around no matter what, even if you're a little crazy too.
He's super hot I mean drop dead gorgeous hot, handsome, sexy, built, just a God. Aside from his undeniable charm and charismatic personality and the best lover, he is extremely kind and sweet and knows when something is up and will it and always make you feel better.
He is also super strong and very athletic. With an extremely muscular build.
He knows how to please emotionally and sexually. He knows how to love you right.
He is the most intelligent and interesting man you will ever meet. Super resigned getting to know him and his ways wont be easy but theu will be worth it. Also super adventurous thrilling and absolutely exciting.
If you get your hands on a Devin be sure not to let him go. The best person you will ever meet. He is just so good. He is a way of life❤
1: I felt like I would never find the one then I found Devin.
2: I need Devin more than I need air.
by SeaSpirit19 February 25, 2015
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